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Blouses are versatile. You can have blouses as casual wear or office outfits. There are many styles to choose from. Women have varied body types and personal styles. Due to the wide array of options available, choosing the right top can be overwhelming. But, you can narrow down on the options available basing on your personal needs, size and budget.

Women can pair the right blouse with pants, jeans, skirt or shorts. A good combination will create an outfit which will work well for your specific occasion. Blouses will also work well for layering underneath jackets and blazers to achieve a fashionable look. The outfits will vary on colors, sleeve style and styles.


Tips when choosing tops and blouses

  • Styles: Blouses are available in more than one style and design. The blouses available can flatter every figure. Choosing the right blouse will start with the ability of the buyer to choose one which will fit her well for a specific occasion.
  • Button down blouse: A bottom down blouse is an outfit which is very appropriate for women to wear to their workplaces. The blouse always looks neat. It can pair well with a jacket or cardigan to achieve a professional look. When combined with jeans, the blouse can pair well with jeans for casual outings.
  • Wrap Blouse: This is a blouse which has a warp style which folds across the stomach and ties. It is a universal flattering blouse because the warp portion will fall to the woman’s waist hence highlighting narrowness as well as creating an hourglass figure. It is the right option for plus sizes, curvy women or for those who will like to look curvier.
  • Baby Doll Blouse: The blouse has a high waist which falls under the burst area. It is also referred to as empire waist blouse. The rest of the blouse usually flows freely to create a flattering feminine silhouette. They can be made to have a ribbon or tie fitted around the empire waist. The blouses are made to emphasize the positive while camouflaging the negatives in a woman body.
  • Peasant Blouse: This is a loose blouse which flows smoothly hence it works well for many figures. Women can belt the blouse if necessary. The blouse offers a more casual look. It can pair well with slacks or jeans.

Blouse Materials

Material used to make the tops is another factor you need to consider when buying top and amp. The materials used have varying degree of hardness when you take into consideration the care required to maintain them. If you are a busy woman, you need materials which will be easy to maintain.

  • Cotton:Blouses made out of cotton are easier to maintain. Cotton is easy to wear, comfortable and can complement many types of outfits. If you will prefer wash and wear options, then you need to go for cotton blouses. There are many styles, types and colors available. You can have peasant style among other styles.
  • Silk: Silk tops are made to be elegant and sophisticated. The only drawback with silk fabrics is its maintenance. You will need a dry cleaner or wash on a gentle cycle. You can have silk top with a skirt, a pair of jeans or pair of slacks and you will look chic.
  • Polyester: Polyester is easy to care for and it has many options for you to choose from. It can last for long and can hold its shape even after several washes. Polyester is not a natural fabric hence it can be sensitive to women who experience irritation.

Sizes and Colors

When shopping for tops and blouses you need to take into consideration your favorite color and the right size. To ensure perfect fit, you need to take your measurements before going out for shopping. You need to go for a color which you will be comfortable wearing.

Types of blouses

  • Petite Blouses: For shorter women, petite blouses will fit well. If you are a woman with shorter torso, then you will find a short-sleeve petite blouse very suitable for you. Petite blouses are made to fit the body well as well as hugging all appropriate places. Petite blouses come in a wide variety of colors and sizes.
  • Plus Size Blouses:If you wear size 12 or over, the blouses will add a breathing room. They fit plus size women well while offering them polished looks.
  • Printed Blouses: Printed blouses come in many patterns; you will find floral patterns, polka dots, graphic prints, stripes among other options. You can as well go for animal print blouses which are funky and cool. For those who will like to achieve timeless and traditional looks, they can go for paisley prints.
  • Blouse Brands: There are the popular blouse and tops brands like YAYA, which are known to offer outstanding outfits for different body sizes. 

Body Type

When shopping for tops, there are many designs which have been made to suit different body types.

  • Apple: Women with apple body types will require blouses made with the wide waist, narrow hips and shoulders. V-neck blouses and shoulder pads are the most suitable.
  • Pear: Pear body types can wear blouses made with wide hips, narrow bust and shoulders. You can go for blouses which are gathered along the waist, detailed and jeweled necklines.
  • Hourglass body type: If you have an hourglass body type, then your right blouse should be made with wide bust and hips, the waist should be narrow. The blouses can be belted to emphasize the waistline
  • Rectangular: They are made with the straight line from the shoulder to the hips. The blouses suitable for rectangular body types include empire waists and shoulder pads.
  • Triangle: If you have a triangle body type, you will need a blouse with wide shoulders and hips. The waist and hips should be narrow. The best options include fitted blouses.

Choose the Right Sleeve Style

There are many types of sleeve types available. You should go for the right sleeve type if you will like to enjoy wearing the outfit you will buy.

  • Cap sleeve: The blouse has a sleeve which will cover the shoulder ball only. It is suitable for slender arms.
  • Cuffed or banded sleeve: It ends above the elbow. It is suitable for different sizes of arms provided it is not tight.
  • Batwing Sleeve: The sleeve is wide at the armhole, but it will taper towards the closure. It is the perfect option for larger upper arms.
  • Bell Sleeve: The sleeve narrows at the armhole flaring but tappers out to form a wide cuff. It is suitable for all sizes of arms except apple body types because it can appear too wide.
  • Bishop sleeve: It narrows at the armhole, and it balloons down towards the elbow. It gathers around the hem of the sleeve. It works well for peer and rectangle body sleeve.
  • Cutout sleeve: It opens at the shoulder but closes at the cuff. It is the right choice for slender arms.

Find the right top and the right fit will make the difference in your favorite top you love or that top that never leaves the closet. 

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