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You are out shopping items for your kid, and wondering what to include and what will suit your kid the most. It can be hectic, and you might be wondering what to include in that trolley or cart, but you can now relax as we have you sorted. We have compiled some of the primary and secondary items your child might require.

Baby Bib

As a parent, you’ll quickly discover that meals times are always messy for your kid. Baby bibs are a perfect solution to keeping food off your bright kid clothes during meal time. Baby Bibs comes in different shapes, sizes, and materials and it can be difficult to determine the right one for your baby.

Here are three factors to consider when buying a baby bib;

a) The ability to fold up

Bibs are handy baby items when you are not only indoors but also outdoors with your baby. Since it’s an item you’ll be packing in the diaper bag, it’s better to have a baby bib that can neatly fold up.

b) Ease of cleaning

This feature is normally overlooked and only becomes real when you opt to clean the bib. Different brands of baby bibs will have different cleaning methods such as washing machine, dishwasher and wipe down. Follow the cleaning instructions on the packaging.

c) The fit and comfort

A bib should form a nice-looking snug fit to make it difficult for your baby to remove. However, it shouldn’t be too tight that your baby feels uncomfortable in it. It should also have a soft neckline as slight irritation on the neckline will cause drama during feeding time.

Some of the ideal baby bib that we can recommend are Bandana baby bib and Anais Classic Burpy Bibs. You can choose the color that you want.


Most moms are taught how to swaddle a newborn using the provided standard hospital-style swaddle blanket. However, once their newborn arrives, they realize that there is no such thing as a "standard" baby. Newborns come with their own preferences and personalities, and this goes right down to the manner in which they like to be swaddled. While some will kick and squirm their way out of the standard swaddles, most of the kids like the security and snugness a swaddle provides.

Luckily, there are more options for moms nowadays, and you can choose the right one for your baby.

An all bundled swaddle is ideal for newborns and babies who crave that tight snugged-up feeling. It is a great alternative to the standard swaddles. You can have it with a zip or buttons instead of those that only wraps around. As the kid grows, you can get a swaddle that has more wiggle room. 

An Anais Classic Swaddles is an ideal choice for your kid. You can also choose the Anais Silky Soft Swaddles.

One Piece

One-pieces are popular clothing choices for kids. From newborns to pre-kindergarten tots, a one-piece offers one of the easiest ways to dress outgoing and active kids. They are ideal children clothing for parents who are short on time during the mornings. They also help to lessen the laundry load, making them economical than their two-piece or three-piece counterparts.

One-pieces are made for sleeping, playtime, and even outdoor occasions. There are one-pieces that are meant to be worn as tops with a pair of pants or shorts completing the ensemble. Some also consist of an entire outfit that is either made to give the appearance of separated pants and top, or fluid in style. You can choose the one that suits your kid.

We can recommend to you Anais Long Sleeve Kimono One-Piece. It’s attractive and stylish one-piece that will suit almost all the occasions. If you opt for a one piece that needs to be complimented with pants, we have Anais Muslin Pants that will go well with your kid one-piece. The pant can also be worn with a smock top. We stock attractive tops such as Anais Smock Top. 

There is also a short sleeve bodysuit that can be used as an alternative to a one-piece. It's mostly worn by newborns. For a body suit, we can recommend Anais Short Sleeve Kimono Body Suit.

There are also adorable shoes for your kid on our site; Celeste the Unicorn Slipper. They are attractive and can make stunning indoor and outdoor footwear for your kid. To match them well, you can select the Glitter Tutu Skirt. The pink color will blend on very well.

Crib Sheets

Crib sheets can be the difference between your baby waking up restless and sleeping through the night. The crib sheets need to be as comfortable as possible. With so many different styles and types of sheets available, it can be a daunting task to find the perfect crib sheet for your kid. 

Should you get a baby bedding set?

A baby bedding set should come with sheets, comforters, pads, bumpers, and everything else that might be needed for bedding. Go for bedding sets that are made of high-quality materials. They come in different designs and shape.

If durability and quality are your primary concern, some of the bedding set that we can recommend include:

  • Bella Notte Linens Loulah Baby Blanket
  • Bella Notte Linens Olivia Crib Skirt
  • Bella Notte Linens Trecento Crib Sheet 

Plush Toys and Stuffed Animals Teddy Bear

How could we have winded up the list without this essential yet most overlooked item in a child's life? Kids are inconsolable without them, and they'll seldom leave the house without it because rubbing, smelling, or petting it brings immediate comfort; it acts as his/her little friend.

To a kid, their teddy bear ease away any kind of stress and has magical power. They help a child deal with fear, absence, and separation. In other words, it’s more than a comforter. 

For these reasons, it’s important to have a teddy bear for your kid. How do you select the one that suits your kid?

It’s important that you go shopping with them so that they can choose the ones they like. If you have a small kid, you can choose a small teddy bear that won’t scare your kid. We have a wide selection of them on our site such as Anais Classic Musy Mate Lovely, Alpaca Stuffed bear (large, medium, and small size), Alpaca stuffed Lion, Prince Leopold The Lion Head, and many others.

Explore our site our children's department to see more plush toys and stuffed animals as well as other children items.


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