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Whether for a birthday, Christmas, or just an ordinary day, there are extraordinary gifts perfect for any person, on any occasion.  The feeling of giving a gift can be just as memorable as getting one—create heaps of joy and spark some smiles with any of the following unique yet simple gifts.

Bath and Body

Bath and body gifts don’t have to be unoriginal.  The trick is to seek out products that aren’t your average, run-of-the-mill brands and let calming scents and bubbly concoctions do the rest.  As far as gift-giving goes, you can never go wrong with a pampering present of some luxurious indulgence.

Any guy or gal will welcome rich smells and cleansing soaps.  Sumptuous products like Honeysuckle Bubble Bath Milk or sedative scents of fizzy bath bombs permeating through the bath are the perfect way to say “I care” to any giftee. 


In a fast-paced world swimming with screens, a book is a great way to encourage a different type of trance with some relaxation and serene leisure time.  A thoughtful book can be long-appreciated by the recipient and wraps the reader in a meaningful story.

Whether it’s a biography, love story, journal, or informative non-fiction will be up to who your recipient is.  Something like a cookbook is a gift that keeps on giving and can be put to use for years to come.


Flowers are a seamless no-brainer on the gift-giving spectrum, but specifically, orchids are a flower that’ll stick around to accompany your recipient for months.  Orchids carry with them a symbolism of joy, new beginnings, love, and strength, and demonstrate an air of cheer that makes for a happier room.

Orchids range from soft pink to deep reds, with hues of yellows and green in between.  A simple, white Phalaenopsis orchid can be purchased in various sizes, look beautiful in any pot or container they’re held in, and can even be shipped!

Home Accessories

A home can never have too many fun accessories, and people never stop enjoying decorating their home with new accouterments.  Thoughtful home accessories up the present ante, and if your gift melds nicely with the giftee’s home, your generosity is sure to be remembered with every stride past that particular novelty.

Home accessories can vary in a wide range, from the kitchen to the bathroom to the living room.  A plush set of comfortable pillows will add an “ahhh” every time your recipient take a seat, pretty storage baskets serve a dual purpose with functionality and eye-catching designs, and a marble hand bowl can both hold and brighten up those special tiny objects meant for eyes to see.

Relish New Orleans is an exclusive retail store located in Metairie, LA.  Owner Beth Harris scours the globe to seek out the perfect gifts for giving, unique and stunning European outfits that you won’t find anywhere else, and unrivaled accessories for decorating your home.

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