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A journal is one of the best books you can own if you want to transform your life. A journal is the most useful blank book that turns to life. From time to time we are faced with different thoughts that we must explore and come out with decisions. Starting a journal can help you reflect upon your life a process that is crucial in realizing what you want in life and where you are heading. A journal helps you express your thoughts and emotions on paper helping alleviate stress. Journaling can lead to personal growth and take little time to maintain.  

There are several types of journals that can help transform your life for the better. Here are some of the best journals in the market. Go through them and select one that best suits your needs.

Positivity or Gratitude Journal: You must be grateful for the small things that happen in your life each day. Write down at least three best moments of your life each day. When you look back at the positive things in a week’s time, your view about life will have changed. You will experience a well-being and greatly improve your mood every day.

Dream Journal: A dream journal by your bedside is a must if need to take notice of any reoccurring events in life that must be addressed. Write down the stories that your mind captures when dreaming on your journal. Most dreams fade away with time and being able to capture them in your journal can help you address any worries that might be reoccurring in your dreams.

Morning Journal: What crosses your mind every time you open your eyes in the morning? Most of the thoughts that people wake up with in the morning are things that mean a lot to them. Being able to capture them in your journal will create a spark on the activities of the day you need to accomplish. The morning journal will make you prioritize and clarify the activities of the day better. This goes a long way to helping you achieve your priorities and change your life for the better.

One sentence journal: A one sentence journal was created for people who think keeping a journal is quite difficult. The idea of a one-sentence journal is to help you remember things that make you happy. Being able to keep happy memories vivid in your mind will go a long way changing your perspective about life. These are happy memories that can be passed down to the next generation.

A self-improvement journal: Being able to create a change in your life every day to make your life better is very important. This type of journal is ideal for people who love reading personal development books. The journal helps you jot down important development quotes. This is the type of journal to carry to seminars, speeches, and personal development meetings. It helps people capture advice and best insights into life. It is another great way people to track down their goals in life.

Travel Journal: A travel journal is ideal for people who love touring the world. If you love traveling several places and can’t keep a record or remember where you have traveled, a travel journal is a perfect fit. People on a cruise ship stop in different places that they can’t remember. The journal will come in hand helping you keep the good memories of the exotic places you have visited. You can paste the tickets and menus of the places to remember the foods you ate and where you slept. A travel journal is the best way to relive the memories of your trip with your loved ones when back home.

Idea Journal: An ideal journal is another important journal and one that al entrepreneur minded people must own. Ideas can come at any point whether at night and day and if you can write them down, you can use them later. A million dollar idea can come up in your mind and pass you right by if not noted and written down. Have your idea journal with you every time and grab it right away whenever a brilliant idea strikes your mind.

Visual Journal: A visual journal might be a travel journal but for people who travel and see the world through pictures rather than words. A visual journal enables you to remember places, events and people with portraits, sketches, and doodles. It is for people who are more of artists that writers. It is also a great way to show your life through your artistry skills. This type of journal allows you to use your amazing skills to showcase your life moments in the best way possible.

A Baby Journal: This is one journal every parent must have if they are to look back and relish the good times they had with their little ones. Children are amazing and being able to share with them their life when they were still young would be great. Some of the small things to note down are things like the first giggle, the first time to say a word and when they can crawl or walk. Pictures are a must if you want to make this journal exceptional. This journal might not look important, but when the kids grow, you would wish to share with them their life when they were little.

Everything Journal: This type of journal is ideal for people on the go who do all sort of things. The journal can keep every piece of information that you deem is important in your life. This journal can doodle, jot down quotes, sketch and write down any precious memories you want to keep. It can be written every day, weekly or monthly depending on what you feel is important and must be noted.

Starting a journal can help you find a positive attitude to life and live differently. It helps you focus on the most important things in life. You can connect with yourself and stay tuned to face any challenge that might come your way. Make sure you get yourself one of the journals to help you change your life for the better.

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