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Alimrose is a worldwide Australian children’s product and accessory design company known for a pure commitment to perfection in all of their high-quality products available today. They work hard to create a range of accessories, as well as dolls, that are evident of an eye for detail and a dedication to soft and pure fabrics that are safe for playing and usage by children of all ages.

Renowned for their quality craftsmanship and heirloom quality dolls, the Alimrose branded entity has been around since the 1980s when two mothers were tired of not being able to access Australian designed dolls and products for their bundles of joy. Starting out making Australian themed dolls and figurines based on characters from the stories of the infamous May Gibbs, over the years, the range as expanded to include everything from dolls and soft toys, to bibs, quilts, homewares, and more.

Pivoting their brand to the company we know and love today in 1997, Alimrose has become synonymous with top quality home children care and product perfection ever since.

Clever, old-fashioned, and yet elegant in nature, Alimrose challenges expectations when it comes to children’s toys and dolls – their products are refined artwork, which makes them gorgeous additions to any room layout. Not to mention, they make great collector's items, as well as gifts for the children in your family.
Here at Relish New Orleans, we proudly carry a variety of products from this Australian company with everything from bibs and dolls to kid’s suitcases and bonnets. Let’s look a little further at what you can expect from our Alimrose collection.

Our Alimrose Product Collection

We’re going to begin with the most famous product category produced by Alimrose: dolls.

Alimrose Dolls & Squeakers

Alimrose creates old-fashioned dolls that are perfect for any kind of new age interior design, ocean or beach home, or cottage today. The dolls take the shape of people and animals, created with untreated pure cotton outer. They are of course, soft and cuddly, with a cute embroidered face that makes them a timeless staple not exactly common with today’s commercial dolls.

Alimrose Tillie Ballerina Doll Mist

Alimrose states that all of their dolls are usable for up to 18-months, which means they are durably made to endure many days and nights cuddled and hugged. They also make ballerina dolls that are smaller in nature, with removable clothes, so young girls can have fun changing the doll’s outfit and mixing and matching their style preference. These dolls come with long yarn hair that can be braided etc., guaranteed to last up to 3-years.

With many neutral baby squeaker dolls as well, Alimrose designs their fun squeakers to be safe for young babies and young children. Babies can explore their grasp reflex from birth, as well as explore sights and sounds by cuddling with the doll essential right in their crib. These squeakers are also made from cotton and poly cotton outer that come with a 3-month durability guarantee by the company.

Popular Alimrose dolls include the Alimrose Rosie Romper Bunny in Pink Cream, Alimrose Tillie Ballerina Doll Mist, Delores Deer Pink, Juliette Bunny in Liberty Blue, and Joni Doll Blush.

Popular squeakers include the Alimrose Red Polka Dot Horse Squeaker, the Alimrose Dreaming Daphne Squeaker in Pink, the Alimrose Bunny Squeaker – Spring Floral, and the Alimrose Bunny Squeaker – Blue Ivory

Alimrose Kid’s Carry Case

What is cuter than baby blue and pastel carrying cases, modeled after suitcases, in a nursery or kid’s room? Not much! That’s why Alimrose has pioneered this kind of product that is fun for kids of all ages, as well as fun for you to use as an interior design staple.

Alimrose Pale Blue Kid's Carry Case

All kid’s carry case packages on our site come in sets of threes, with one small, one medium, and one large case that stack perfectly in a pyramid formation. The large suitcase is 29cm by 19.5cm by 9.5cm; the medium suitcase is 25cm by 18cm by 8cm; and the small suitcase if 20cm by 14.5cm by 7.5cm. For the pale blue model, the exterior is a solid pale blue that pairs easily in any boy-themed room, with a pale blue spot interior. The quality of the design is so impressive that the stitching is impeccable throughout the cases. The handles, too, make it easy to move the cases around, stack them where you prefer, and pack them up if you plan to rearrange or move.

Popular Alimrose kid’s carry cases include the Alimrose Pale Blue Kid’s Carry Case and the Alimrose White and Gray Suitcase.

Alimrose Bibs

Alimrose believes babies and children can be stylish the moment they are born. You don’t have to settle for the same corny bib designs – you can acquire more for your little baby boy or girl. Their Alimrose bibs are made with cotton fabric that’s comprised of poly cotton absorbent backing, making them breathable, yet highly convenient during eating and dribbling time. With a Velcro fastening structure for the gentle, safe closure of the bib behind the next, that makes all Alimrose bibs adjustable for babies and children of all sizes.

Alimrose Ruffle Edge Bib Sweet Floral

Alimrose also ensures their bibs are machine washable so you can effortlessly throw them in the laundry, ensuring they are cleaned and ready for usage the next day. Some of their bibs come with ruffled edges if you want an obviously feminine set of bibs that will look adorable on your daughter.

Popular Alimrose bibs include the Alimrose Bobby Bib Grey Linen, the Alimrose Ruffle Edge Bib Pink Linen, the Alimrose Ruffle Edge Bib Sweet Floral, and the Alimrose Peter Pan Collar Bib Pink Bouquet.

Alimrose Rattles

What’s more fun than a baby rattle? You want to ensure your baby’s rattle is soft, large enough to not be eaten or swallowed, and made with proper material that will not react or irritate their soft baby skin. Alimrose does this with excellence, as they create adorable baby rattles in the shape of fun animals that will assuredly leave your baby laughing and smiling after they’re done shaking it.

Linen Louie Grab Rattle Grey Red

Top rattle features include cotton and poly-cotton outer composition, fabric handle so your baby can grab onto the rattle and hold on tight, a gentle rattling noise when shaken so the irritating noise isn’t too loud for you, and suitability for up to 3-months. You can easily hand-wash the rattles in just seconds so you can immediately provide the rattleback to your baby after they’re done having fun.

Popular Alimrose rattles include the ALimrose Monkey Grab Rattle Grey and the Charlie Grab Rattle Black.

Alimrose Misc. Toys

Alimrose doesn’t stop at just bibs, rattles, carry cases, and squeakers – they have some miscellaneous fun products you won’t be able to skip over for your kids. From cloud mobiles, to skirts, to gold wands, be careful to keep these images from your kids – or they are going to want all of it.

The Alimrose Amelie Star Wand – Gold, for example, is made with soft gold stuff stars that will ensure there are no bumps, hits, or hard materials that can leave children and babies crying. Colored with a deep gold hue at the top of the wand, your children will be enamored by this magical creation from the moment they grasp it in their hands.

The cloud mobile uses a soft tissue paper style design as the cloud to create an artistic interpretation, while different silver colored stars fall below the cloud. Simply hang it above any stroller, bed, or crib, to calm your child as they drift off into sleep each evening.

Alimrose would be remiss if they didn’t move into the world of apparel, creating their own Alimrose Nappy Cover Ruffles, which is an easy “tutu” that you can throw over your baby’s diaper or shorts immediately. Help your daughter feel full, ruffled, and full of life as she runs around with her adorable cotton skirt, safe for baby skin.

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