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There’s something unmistakably original and vintage about the Doe a Deer brand; founded by an old soul herself, the company was always meant to be one that transcended time. Today, Doe a Deer is known for their completely unique flair in all of their designs and styles, especially evident in their children’s clothes and products. If you like to design according to old fashioned Americana or generations past, you can definitely find your staples with this new-age design company.

The founder, Reagan, says that from a young age, she always admired the patterns and designs in vintage linens, cookbooks, and packaging, containing originality that she felt was lost today. By 2016, she knew that it was her calling to bottle up this forgotten design flair and integrate it into all of her children’s products and interior design accessories. One year later, after purchasing a 1971 vintage camper and rehabbing it into a pastel haven that’s central to the company now, there isn’t another children’s brand like Doe a Deer out there today.

Therefore, if you’re interested in new products and presents for your kids that are off-the-beaten path and more original than what you’re going to find in stores today, Doe a Deer is ready to answer the call.


Here at Relish New Orleans, we are very excited to be carrying the Doe a Deer children’s line, so you can easily access the very best they have to offer directly through our site. Known for a commitment to perfect detail and high-quality craftsmanship that can be seen in every inch of the clothing, you’ll have to look closer to see how special this company can truly be for you and your family.

Ready to learn more about what Doe a Deer has to offer? Let’s look at their product line below.

Doe a Deer Children’s Skirts

What little girl doesn’t want to run around with a big, fun, and frilly skirt on, making her feel like a princess, empowered leader, and big girl? Doe a Deer plays into the 1950s style skirts of the past, adding in simple American designs that make these skirts something you would surely see at the Hamptons in New York today.

Gold Star TuTu

Take the Grey Linen Skirt to start. Available in sizes 2T to 5T, with an elastic waistband, this skirt can fit children of all sizes and ages, which means it’s a great staple piece to add to any wardrobe for hand-me-downs in the future. Easily cleanable with soap and water, you can quickly keep this skirt in prime condition for your daughters after they get it dirty and covered in food throughout the day. Especially with spring arriving today, and summer on the way, this is a perfect spring piece that will get your kids excited for the warmer weather.

We also carry the Doe a Deer Gold Star Tutu, which will make any girl feel like the star she was always meant to be. With a white frill and see-through fabric, covered in hand-made gold stars, there’s something very Wonder Women about this kind of children’s skirt. Made from 100% cotton, and the shell 100% polyester, this skirt can be machine washed and cool dried afterward. Pair it with a cute top and some leggings to make it a school-appropriate outfit. Trust us, your daughter will never want to take this skirt off.

Doe a Deer Jersey Joggers

The athleisure trend is back in town today, and it’s not going anywhere. That’s why Doe a Deer has a joggers line that plays into this fun, laid-back athletic feel for your children. As a warmly lined jogger sweatshirt that will keep your bundle of joy warm on those cool spring days, these pieces are also great layering accessories to add to any child’s wardrobe.

Elastic Waist Gold Pant

Starting with the Jersey Jogger with Ribbed Cuff, this off grey sweatshirt with a big gold star in the middle will tell your daughter that she’s a star. Made with 100% cotton for a breathable fabric that works with sensitive skin types, this jogger can be machine washed and cool dried, making your life a whole lot easier. It’s a perfect spring and fall staple that pairs well with the Stripe Underlay Top, available today.

There is also an Elastic Waist Joggers with Gold Pigment matching sweat pant style piece that will complete the tracksuit for your little athlete. Made with 100% cotton as well for breathability, these joggers will keep your daughter warm when it’s cold out, and cool when it’s hot out, so she’s completely comfortable throughout the day.

Doe a Deer Jersey Leggings

Leggings are all the rage today, which means your little one is going to want a pair. Doe a Deer makes an adorable Jersey legging that comes with a black bow on either side of the bottom of the pant. What could be cuter than that?

Equipped with an elastic waistband that ensures the pants stay on snuggly throughout the day, the leggings are 100% cotton to ensure that classic Doe a Dear breathability all parents desire in their children’s clothing. Your daughter won’t be able to look away from the bow & pearl detail that has been added to the cuff by hand in each pair. Like other Doe a Deer products, these leggings can be machine washed and cool dried, so you can keep them clean and ready to go for your daughter at a moment’s notice.


Doe a Deer Dress Up Packages

Why search around the Internet to put together an outfit, when you can buy the entire thing all in one? Doe a Deer creates an entire gold unicorn set that includes the top, bottoms, wings, and unicorn headband, ensuring your daughter is a perfectly adorable gold unicorn without having to traverse the Internet.

The set includes 1 frilled gold long-sleeve shirt, 1 gold legging pair with an elastic waistband, 1 unicorn headband made for all sizes with flowers, gold ears, and a silver unicorn horn, and gold butterfly wings with an elastic grip design that will attach to any child’s back. All clothing pieces are made with 100% cotton so they are comfortable and breathable on your child. Due to the gold sparkles, it is recommended to wash these pieces by hand.

Doe a Deer Children’s Purses

Every daughter wants to dress up like their mother or big sister – that means, at some point, your daughter is going to ask you for her own purse. Doe a Deer carries a Unicorn Face Glitter Purse that combines gold accents and silver/rose-gold accents for a sweet unicorn face right on the bag. In the shape of a unicorn head, with hearts for eyes, the metallic unicorn horn becomes the central focus of the purse, which is exactly what your child is going to want.

Equipped with an adjustable strap so the purse can accommodate any age or height, your daughter will be in love with this pink-gold glitter purse she can finally call her own.

Doe a Deer Party Hats and Accessories

Lastly, we carry Doe a Deer Party Hats and other miscellaneous accessories that are must-have items for dress-up. Our Velvet Party Hat Clip comes in a vintage pink color that isn’t common anymore today. With pink tulle and handmade accents that makes this a really incredible party hat piece, especially for photos, your daughter can clip the hat onto her head and throw the party of her dreams.

These hats are perfect for birthday parties, dress-up, tea-time, and other fun imaginative games that are so important in children’s lives today.

Relish New Orleans x Doe a Deer

We work hard to curate the very best selection of products on our website, which is why we only work with brands like Doe a Deer that make a commitment to individual excellence. With a style that is all their own, and hard to ignore, we knew we just had to add them to our product selection.

Today, we carry Doe a Deer skirts, accessories, hats, headbands, joggers, leggings, and more, covering everything your little girl would want in her wardrobe. With perfect pieces designed for spring and fall temperatures, now is a great time to consider adding some Doe a Deer to your kid’s closet.

Made with pure cotton, hand-made accents, and detailed perfection that can fly under the radar, learn more about our Doe a Deer collection today.

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