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Tricot Chic is an Italian-made and founded clothing brand that distinguishes themselves by making collections rich in Romantic and Mediterranean detail. They place special emphasis on trimmings and the quality of their items, which undoubtedly reflect an Italian commitment to excellence in each and every seam. When something is made in Italy, you just can’t deny the finalized, perfected result.

Embodying a European flair, their pieces are loose and light, yet fitted in the right places, to give you an effortless sexy style that is only natural to a confident woman. Drawing on decades of Italian design, regarded as the best in the world sometimes, with elements from runway shows in Milan and local artisan movements in small Italian enclaves, Tricot Chic is an embodiment of all of these elements thrown together.

Founded by a team that was determined to share their Italian craftsmanship with as many people as possible around the world, the Tricot Chic clothing selection has evolved over the years to contain a variety of must-have wardrobe staples no closet can go without. From ruffled blouses to gaucho pants, you can wear Tricot Chic and feel effortlessly stylish and appealing without the uncomfortable zippers and fitted pieces.

Everyone needs those go-to pieces that provide them with the styling options they need at a moment’s notice. That’s where this brand comes into the picture. We are very excited to be adding them to our shopping selection this year, and want you to know more about what we can offer you. Although they are made in Italy, we are a premiere distributor of their clothing here in the U.S. and beyond.

Let’s look further at what you can expect from this heralded brand through our shopping platform today.

Tricot Chic – Commitment to the Flow

It’s no secret that the loose-fitted appeal of 1990s clothing is coming back into style today. It’s no longer about incredibly tight clothes, like skinny jeans, that dictated the start of the 2000s. Now, we can consider less as being more, which is why this brand is incredibly committed to a flow-style clothing selection.

We proudly carry two distinct items from this brand that we are going to review with you below.

Tricot Chic Blouse

Tricot Chic is encouraging you to consider the appeal of a loose fitted blouse that cascades over your hips, accenting your face more than anything else. Take the Tricot Chic Blouse with Ruffle Sleeve for example. This is a starkly oversized, white blouse that will almost look like a mini dress for smaller women. However, that’s exactly the point – it’s baggy and air-fitted so you can remain cool and relaxed on hot summer days.

With a ruffled sleeve that billows out on either side, the design of this blouse will actually make your arms and stature appear smaller to the eye given the boxy elements of the design. This stunning top, or short dress, will become your go-to selection for everything from shopping out and about all day, looking professional in a work setting, and going on dates. Simply tuck the blouse into the front of your pants for a waist-based look, or throw on a pair of leather leggings underneath it with a heel. It also goes perfectly with a big blazer that will automatically make it look like an empowered piece of clothing.

Made from 100% cotton, this is a hypoallergenic blouse for you to consider that will not react with any skin types. It is completely breathable, which means it’s the perfect blouse to wear out on hot summer days, on safari, by the pool, etc. The blouse is made in Italy by hand, which means the attention to detail and precision encapsulated in every stitch is going to blow your mind. Since it is purely cotton, we recommend that you prepare for it to shrink if you wash it in your laundry. For best results, hand wash and dry the blouse outfit.

Tricot Chic Gaucho

Tricot Chic kindly makes a matching loose-fitted white gaucho that can pair with the blouse, or work well in a variety of other style settings and apparel requirements for you on a daily basis. This wide-legged gaucho piece is one of the most comfortable pair of pants you could ever have in closet, which means it’s an excellent summer option for those hot days when you don’t want to wear uncomfortable and sticky jean shorts.

As a cropped, wide-legged, and high-waisted loose-fitting pant that is coming back into style in a big way right now, this gaucho can actually be styled year round with a loose fitting blouse, a tight-fitting top, or even a bandeau of sorts with a blazer to cover your arms. You can also wear them to work with a professional top, as well as a jacket of sorts. You can pair heels, sandals, and regular shoes with these pants, or simply wear them with bare feet around your backyard. The sky is the limit with a clothing item this versatile.

Like the Tricot Chic blouse, these pants are made from 100% cotton, which means they are the most breathable pair of pants you could ever own for the summer season. Handmade right in Italy, every time you put these pants on, you’ll be able to feel the quality that is simply not obtainable in any everyday American clothing store.

Made By Hand, In Italy

One of the defining features of this clothing brand is that each and every apparel piece is made by hand, in Italy. From the start to finish of their collections, the Italian team is passionate about never outsourcing a single element of production, which is why you can feel the quality the moment you pick up the piece of clothing.

That’s why we are so happy to be offering you these two distinctive clothing pieces through Tricot Chic today. With summer on the horizon, these are the perfect breathable clothing items that can be worn together, or separate, for casual, yoga, dates, and professional requirements. We all need apparel items that can do it all.

Check out our Tricot Chic listings today, and let us know if you have any questions!

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