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Jellycat is known for soft, silly, and unique kid’s toys that are perfect for snuggling, decoration, and sleepy time for any kind of child. Embodying a quirky cuteness from the creators of the softest toys on the planet, Jellycat’s brand name is just as odd, yet lovable, as their kid’s products. Made for kids of all ages, Jellycat stuffed animals can stand the test of time and grow with your kids while they blossom into the people they were always meant to be.

Sea Sorbet Aqua

Founded in London in 1999, every January and July, the company rolls out the latest kid’s toy designs and products. They pride themselves on guaranteeing a softness in each toy that makes them hard to put down. In fact, many parents claim they like to sit with the Jellycat toys on the couch or watching television as well – they can make great headrests!

Always providing something original, yet quirky, Jellycat wants kids to laugh, love, smile, and snuggle with every single Jellycat creation.

Bashful Flamingo

Naturally, here at Relish New Orleans, we take pride in curating the latest and greatest selection of kid’s toys and products for you available today. Jellycat is a trending brand thanks to their quirkiness, which of course, makes for great social media photos as well. Not to mention, their commitment to premium craftsmanship to create durable, yet luxuriously soft stuffed animals makes Jellycat a no-brainer for our growing kid’s product selection.
Ready to learn more about what you can expect when shopping from our Jellycat selection? Let’s break it down below.

Jellycat’s Infamous Bunny Toy Collection

What’s more classic than a stuffed animal in the shape of a bunny? We can bet you had one growing up as a kid – and maybe you still have that same stuffed animal! Jellycat takes the design and production of their plush bunny toys very seriously, which is why they offer a variety of bunny toys for you to consider for your kids.

Bashful Blush Bunny

To start, there’s the classic Blossom Lily Bunny Medium stuffed animal that presents a white, adorable bunny design with a fun, paisley fabric inside the ears and on the bottom of the feet. It’s this kind of pattern matching that makes Jellycat so unique and identifiable today. Blossom Lily Bunny is her name, known for being a joyous and funny little bunny that your kid is going to fall in love with. With flopsy ears and fabric that is as soft as a jasmine petal, your child won’t want to go to sleep without her.

For smaller children, there’s the Dainty Bunny Small, a light pink/peach bunny with metallic paws that gives a whole new meaning to a rose-gold stuffed animals. With perky ears and long arms for hugging, this is a small, yet loyal companion, that is perfect for younger or naturally smaller children.

One of the quirkier Jellycat bunny models includes the Perky Bunny Hop stuffed animal, which is actually a small child dressed up in a bunny costume. Rosy-cheeked and ready for the party, this young girl has the best costume on imaginable – something your daughter will be able to relate to! She’s ready to go bounce, hop, jump, and dance, all while sporting her cheery smile. With matching booties and a pink costume, your child is going to want to dress up the same way for Halloween.

Then there are the Riley Rabbit series. These dolls are made to look like actual, realistic tiny rabbits, bent over on all fours, ready to hop around your child’s room looking for adventure. These soft little bunnies are known for their squashy haunches, ears back, and frolic-ready demeanors that make them the perfect companions out and about. Don’t forget to look for the fluffy bobtail!

All Jellycat stuffed animals are tested for safety standards, and pass all ASTM requirements. All of them should only be hand washed – do not tumble or dry clean the stuffed animals. Additional bunny models include the Bashful Tulip Pink Bunny Small, the Dainty Bunny Large, the Blossom Jasmine Bunny Medium, the Blossom Tulip Bunny Medium, and the Belle Bunny Ballet Medium.

Jellycat Ostrich Stuffed Animals

What’s more unique than modeling a stuffed animal after an ostrich? Jellycat has found a way to make it cute and endearing – which is what makes them so much different than all other competitors.

Bonbon Ostrich

Their most popular ostrich, the PomPom Mint Fizz Medium ostrich, is a jazzy and joyful little companion that sports clashing, yet fun pink and green colors. With a sparkly neck, big pink feet, and bright eyes that make it so adorable, you’ll never want to put it down, the PomPom ostrich is quintessentially soft and great for children of all ages (not suitable for children until 12-months simply due to the potential product shedding).

And then there’s the Bonbon Ostrich, which is an unkempt, adorably messy little stuffed animal that loves to peek her head where it doesn’t belong. Sweet and muted in rose and mocha colors, this long-legged hopper is a great runner. Just look at those fun and sturdy ostrich feet!

Jellycat Does Christmas

Is there a more magical time of year than Christmas for your little ones? Probably not. That’s why Jellycat has special Santa stuffed animals that will become an essential part of your household between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The Berry Santa Large is in a seated position, as he loves to wish passers-by a very merry Christmas! Dressed in his classic cherry red suit, with a fine fuzzy bread and black boots that help him do his duties, this is a very cute little Santa with only two visible tiny eyes that will make him a great pal for your child.

If you’re looking for an all-white Santa, Jellycat also releases a Snowflake Santa Large product that sports a cream and gold suit trimmed with silky white fluff. Depending upon the décor of your home or children’s room, this Santa option might fit with more ease, while still keeping your kids happy and in the Christmas spirit.

Jellycat Octopus Products

Jellycat has taken their time to explore our friends of the sea as well, which is why they offer an incredibly soft and snuggly octopus stuffed animal model that is going to be popular with all children whom love the ocean.

Odell Octopus

The Baby Odell Octopus is a squishy, splendid brick-red octopus that has so much love to give, it’s hard for her to contain the excitement. Smiley and silly, with those big, bright glossy eyes that make her as cute as can be, Odell has eight fine, curly arms with cozy and classic fur that make her a great snuggle buddy while watching morning cartoons or evening shows. Rumor has it: she gives the best hugs in the ocean.

Jellycat also makes an Inky Octopus, which is a grey-tone in nature. This is a great stuffed animal for a boy that maintains a masculine shape while still supplying the soft, squishy fabric that is incredibly desirable in products for small children. Inky loves to swish about in the ocean – but, he enjoys a good ride now and then, as he can easily be placed on any kid’s back while they hold his tentacles for support.

Jellycat Miscellaneous Stuffed Animals

Jellycat doesn’t just stop at bunnies, ostriches, and octopuses – they cover just about the entire animal kingdom with fun and quirky takes on baby animal designs.

The Lovely Llama is a perfect puffball of pastel fur, snuggly and beautifully designed, with rainbow fur. Standing tall with neat and folded ears, the Lovely Llama is ready to trot around the home on any upcoming adventure.

And then there’s the Luna Unicorn Medium – what little girl doesn’t want her very own unicorn? They are of course, rare and one of a kind! Luna is a sweet cream dream, magical friend every inch, and as soft as can be. Waving a sparkling rose-gold horn, this soft-hoofed sweetheart loves to gallop round the garden and trot down hidden paths throughout your backyard.

Lastly, there’s the Bashful Dino Small, made in that classic off-green dinosaur color that will make him a really popular gift to any young boy in your life. The Bashful Dino is so soft, you can use him as a pillow while you sleep, travel, and take the bus home from school. With a squishy spine and plush fabric, hold him tight whenever you’re looking for some dino support.

Relish New Orleans

We work hard to curate the very best children’s product selection for you today, selecting companies that make a commitment to safe, quality, and premium fabrics in all of their children’s stuffed animal creations. Jellycat is no different, which is why we are proud to provide you with access to the very best they have to offer, directly through our website. Start shopping today!


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