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Young girls love to play dress up. They love to mimic the outfits of moms, babysitters, and older sisters. There’s nothing more fun to them than becoming a big girl and feeling pretty in the skin they’re in.

Although they’re young and just learning the ropes of life, Lily & George believes these girls deserve access to gorgeous, fun, sparkly, and imaginative accessories that are a must-have for any woman’s wardrobe. For Lily & George, they want to inspire playtime, discussion, and bonding between young girls at home, on the playground, and at school.

Lily & George – The Most Imaginative Kid’s Accessories

All Lily & George toys and accessories are designed to become special friends to your little ones, developing imagination and creativity through each and every product. Cuddly, cozy, cute, and stylish, Lily & George is known for making something that every little girl can enjoy, designed for the kids of New Zealand, and now the children of the entire world.

Lily & George takes pride in their artistic expression through their unique products that can be arguably labeled as works of art by the time it’s all said and done. Popular gifting items for families worldwide, if you want your little one to explore their personal creativity without any boundaries or limits, then you want to consider the power of a Lily & George product.

Here at Relish New Orleans, we decided to seek out this brand and add them to our growing list of premium kid’s product designers and providers. We understand how malleable children are, which is why we took time to carefully select this brand especially for you and your family.

Let’s look a little further at this enchanting kid’s brand available to you today.

The Lily & George Princess Department

Probably on any given night or weekend day, your child wants to play dress up, right? After watching princess movies, reading princess books, and learning about princess fairies of far off lands, your child will want to take part in the fun. That’s why Lily & George designs a variety of high quality princess fairy accessories your child won’t want to do without.

The Magical Fairy Wands are simply, yet stunning in design, with a sequin embellishment at the top of the star wand. Sparkling in metallic coating and gold sequins that cover a padded star, sitting securely on top of a grosgrain ribbon wrapped stick, this special wand won’t hurt other children due to the softness of the star composition. Rumor has it, this wand is perfect for magic spells, performance, parties, and everyday play. Plus, it’s a natural staple for any princess wishing to rule her kingdom.

Naturally, once a princess has her fairy wand, she’s going to also want her star-studded crown. The Crown Headband is an easy way to put a crown on your child’s head without all of the hassle. Fit for a queen, this durable crown design makes a pink tiara shaped crown that is attached to a fitted headband. With teeth to grab the child’s hair, simply place the headband onto your kid’s head as the tiara lifts up right before your very eyes. You won’t have to worry about pinning it in or adjusting it accordingly.

Lastly, to put the outfit all together, your girl will want her very own princess tutu. The latest Lily & George tutu comes in the loveliest shades of dusky pink, with scattered gold glitter and 6 layers of fabric that makes it a durable purchase. Equipped with an elastic waistband to fit children ages 3 to 10, from parties and play, to everyday fun, this tutu is going to become a central staple of your child’s wardrobe – we guarantee it. Safety tested and approved, the Lily & George tutu is made with 100% polyester and can only be wiped clean – do not try to place it in the laundry.

Lily & George Bags and Backpacks

Your child wants to be able to bring her favorite accessories, books, and toys around with her throughout the day, right? That’s why she needs her own bag or backpack, much like the “big girls” she admires from afar.

Lily & George is taking all the fun and mysticism of a unicorn and putting it into their very own unicorn bag, shaped like a unicorn head with the favorite unicorn horn sticking off the middle of the purse. Made from the softest pale grey felt, this unicorn bag has a gold hand embroidered face and a fabulous glittery horn, plus a long crossbody strap that is made from navy and white bungee cord. Making for the perfect gift, this bag has a strap drop length of 48cm and magnetic fastening so any child can use it. Due to the components, the bag is not recommended for children under 2-years of age.

There’s also the Cat Cross Body Bag, which is shaped like a cat head in a dust color, equipped with gold ears and accents that makes this bag an obviously purrrr-fect purchase. Made from the softest felt and with a magnetic closure and crossbody strap, this bag is so cute, your child will never want to take it off. The strap drop length is 48cm and is recommended for children 2-years of age and older.

There is also the Lion Bag, the Well Dressed Cat Bag, the Carnival Llama Bag, the Kit Bag, and the Bunny Bag, equipped with a stuffed animal soft bunny as the bag department, that your daughter is going to adore.

Lastly, Lily & George makes one backpack design, the Mermaid Backpack, that features a mermaid tail as the backpack compartment your daughter is going to love. Made with sparkly fabric and a drawstring closure that is easy for all kids to maneuver, pick out the right color mermaid tale for your kid’s personality, and watch them bring the bag with them literally everywhere, never putting it down.

Lily & George Hairclips

What little princess doesn’t want to put some fun, sparkly, and glittery hairclips into her gorgeous hair? That’s why Lily & George works hard to curate a large hairclip collection for princesses and fairies of all preferences, ages, and hair types.

Looking at the popular Double Star Hair Clip, made with two white and sparkly stars that are perfect for pinning back any kind of hair, this leather hair clip is available in dark gold, blue gold, orange cold, and blue crystal colors depending upon the color of your child’s hair. Fused together at the metal clip part, it’s easy to slip this clip into your daughter’s hair before school so she can feel sparkly and beautiful every single day.

Then there is the Dreaming Bunny Hair Clip that features a bunny face atop a silver sparkling clip, with pink tulle frizzing out to the edges for a truly glamorous hair piece. Embellished with glitter and magic sparkles, this central hair clip item will turn any mundane outfit into something worth talking about, making your little girl feel truly special.

Why stop at bunnies with hair clips? Your girl can put an entire silver unicorn in her hair on top of a hair clip with the Lily & George Unicorn Hair Clip, available in white grey and pink gold. Made from leather with fluff accents, simply clip this staple into your daughter’s hair and watch as she proudly glances at her new accessory in the mirror.

Don’t forget about the Kiko Bunny Clips, the Big Butterfly Hair Clip, the Flying Butterfly Hair Clip, the Flamingo Hair Clip, the Carousel Bunny Headband Clip, the Daisy Hair Clip, and the Whale Hair Clip, which we sell here at Relish New Orleans.

Lily & George Miscellaneous Accessories

Lily & George doesn’t just stop with hair clips and kid’s bags – they have a variety of miscellaneous products you’re going to want to buy for the special girls in your life.
For example, there’s the Springtime Cat Hat that is perfectly in season right now for your bundle of joy. In the shape of a cat head with fun whiskers, whicker material and pink accents, your little sidekick is going to want to wear this accessory outside in the garden with you.

And don’t forget about the Magical Fairy Wings. Every fairy princess needs her big, gold wings, that slip on through an elastic band over each of her shoulders. Lily & George creates a handmade gold sprayed pair of wings that will complement any costume or Halloween idea this year.

And of course, for everything else you are considering buying from Lily & George, be sure to check out our extensive collection here at Relish New Orleans. We work hard to provide you with the best selection of premium kid’s products available – and that certainly starts with Lily & George.

If you have any questions shopping, please reach out to our team!

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