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When we think of French culture, we think of a penchant for hospitality, a knack for culinary arrangement, and indulgence in smaller portions – something different from the American way of life. Well, that holds true for Moulin Roty, a French kid’s stuffed animal and accessories company that assuredly has one of the most unique styles when it comes to the production of their products.

Philibert the Hound Moulin Roty

Creating tinier, and daintier stuffed animals that reflect an impressionistic design style reminiscent of the days of Monet, one can spot a Moulin Roty product from across the room.

Founded in 1972 when an old mill was renovated so that screen printing and crafting could begin for a few different families, by 1975, the company was making a small car made of wood, foam, and fabric. Earning praise at tradeshows throughout the world, the company then create the soft rag doll, which landed itself in magazines worldwide. At the same time, a 1,500 order for their small cars propelled the company onto the toy and nursery scene for good, as the company began to also explore specialized and decorative items that can double as interior design pieces for any home.

By 1980, the company had become a cooperative to ensure they could uphold the founding values of the brand. However, in 1988, a fire destroyed the entire cooperative, inspiring the team to build from the ground up and really change the future of their company. Come the 1990s, they began releasing emblematic dolls, like the Nini Mouse, and the Louna Bee, opening a subsidiary in Britain so that they could share their creations with the world.

The rest is history! Today, Moulin Roty represents 40-years of dreams and softness, having created a multitude of characters and stories that have changed our lives forever.

So what exactly do we have to offer you through this incredibly historic and influential children’s product company? Let’s look a little further at what you can expect to find within our Moulin Roty collection.

Moulin Roty Cat Dolls

Moulin Roty is known for providing an artistic take on a realistic subject, which means that their highly popular cat dolls don’t look the same as other cat dolls – there’s something about them that makes them look like they were first a sketch in a sketchbook.

Juliette the Cat Moulin Roty

Take the Musical Moon Les Petites Dodos Cat Toy – this cat is wearing her jersey pajamas with a pocket and striped pattern, plus striped socks and a pink knit nightcap. If you go ahead and pull on the striped tail, the sweetest lullaby music begins to play, rocking you and your little ones to sleep immediately. With the characteristically minimal cat face that features a simple grey eye, nose, and whiskers, the Musical Moon Cat looks like a stuffed animal just begging to have a book made after it. She is 14.25 inches tall, made of cotton and polyester, and suitable for children from the age of birth.

Due to the lack of glued on eyeballs and other plastic accessories, Moulin Roty creates amazing new-born products you can place right inside the crib. Plus, they commit to using natural cotton which works with the most sensitive of baby skin types.

There’s also Juliette the Cat, another Moulin Roty fan-favorite with that same simply drawn face and plenty of colorful clothing pieces that will make her the perfect traveling companion. Your child will never want to put her down as they embark on adventures, mysteries, and of course, nap-time.

Moulin Roty Mice Dolls

We can’t forget our mouse friends! Let’s start with the Ring-Rattle Mouse, as part of the Les Pachats collection. This adorable ring-rattle will be your little one’s new favorite toy as they are able to grab it, shake it, and throw it for a fun rattling noise that will bring a smile to their faces.  The unique shapes and textures, along with the rattle component, will keep your child’s attention all day long – preventing long crying spells that can tire you out.  Including the classic Moulin Roty design in the face of the mouse, with the pastel clothing pieces that make it an adorable nursery accessory, the Ring-Rattle Mouse is made of cotton and polyester and is also a gender-neutral product for you to consider.

Moulin Roty Mice Dolls

And then there’s the Mauve Mouse, also part of the Les Pachats line, that features a pink mouse with a dainty face, and plum colored clothing. With funny proportions, showing a much smaller head than the soft, warm belly, the uniqueness of this stuffed animal is quintessentially Moulin Roty.

The Mauve Mouse is covered in velvet with a furry hood and striped sleeps that make it an adorable companion for any child. The mouse can be easily grabbed and secured with a Velcro dummy clip, which means it can tag along for any occasion. Like all Moulin Roty products, this stuffed animal is made from cotton and polyester for soft baby skin.

Moulin Roty Rabbit Dolls

What nursery is complete without some kind of rabbit or bunny doll? Exactly! That’s why Moulin Roty creates the most adorable bunny stuffed animals available to you today.

The Mademoiselle et Ribambelle is one of their most popular products, featuring a regular rabbit in fun slacks, aqua blue socks, with a cute bowtie that brings it all together. With big yellow ears that have fun polka dots sewed into the interior, as well as the same minimal smiling Moulin Roty face that we all know and love, this rabbit is the perfect travel companion for your little one. Made for ages 1-and-older, the rabbit is made from cotton and polyester. He is also another gender-neutral option for you to consider for your family.

There is also the tinier Sylvain Rabbit, which is more natural looking, covered in a tan soft fabric that makes her the perfect cuddle buddy. She has a minimal face of just two eyes, a nose, and a tiny mouth, plus fun floppy bunny ears that can be played with all day long. In her summer swim attire, featuring a classic French pink jumper that makes her a summer delight, bring Sylvain with you to the beach, lake, or simply outside for some sunning.

Moulin Roty Regular Dolls

Moulin Roty also creates dolls modeled after people for your little ones. The Moulin Roty Mademoiselle Eglantine is a stylish doll, dressed in a sweatshirt and sparkly tulle skirt. She is wearing striped jersey leggings, mary-jane shoes, and a crown braid that is so classic in French apparel. She comes in a fun gift box, which makes her a perfect gift to give on Christmas or for a birthday. Enjoy the Parisian design theme, carefully drawn onto the gift box. At 14.5-inches tall, this is the perfect companion for children 12-months of age and older.

If you’re after something that is limited edition, then consider the Mademoiselle Eglantine Limited Edition doll, made specifically for the winter since she is ready to go with her ice skates. She is a stylish doll with a large winter striped dress, featuring pink and white colors, plus a fur trim and fur bag that makes her one of the most beautiful girls in town. She has the golden French brain along her head, polka dot leggings, mittens, and fun ballet shoes on. She needs help with her skates so she can go outside and take fun in the snow and ice. She is also 14.5-inches tall and comes with the Parisian gift box that makes her a surefire collector’s piece.

Moulin Roty doesn’t just stop there. They also offer other products, like a Moulin Roty Cinema Box, decals, the Petunia Ostrich doll, Les Pachats Ring Rattle (second version)), My Little Armoire La Grande Famille and the Musical Polar Bear. Be sure to read our descriptions to identify if you are buying a stuffed animal with a musical box programmed inside.

Relish New Orleans

We take pride in providing you with the very best online shopping experience available to you today, which is why we carefully handpick the vendors we partner with through our platform. Moulin Roty is an industry veteran that has been defining doll design for decades, which makes them an obvious addition to our growing collection. Please check out our latest Moulin Roty dolls and stuffed animals, as we work to constantly update our selection at your convenience.

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