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CP Shades specializes in creating airy, breathable tops and garments that are meant to work with your body, not against it. Creating a quintessential ocean-inspired line that will make you want to take a long walk down the beach, CP Shades works to transport every person back to a simpler time when watching the sun set was all the mattered.

CP Shades has been in fashion for over 40-years, hand-making all of their products right in the U.S. Unlike the competitors, they do not outsource the creation of the garments, which enables them to monitor the quality of each piece for every consumer. They are based out of Northern California, with a facility that cuts, sews, and dyes every piece in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their motto “what you see is what you get” pays testament to the transparency in their product process.

As CP Shades states: their clothing is meant to be worn over and over again. Using only natural and sustainable fabrics, these durable, yet light clothing pieces available in a variety of colors will provide you with what you need to be stylish day-in and day-out. CP Shades wants their pieces to work with the busy woman, supporting her in all of her endeavors, whether that’s raising a family, building a shed, or working in a many companies.

Considering they are not available in too many stores throughout the country, we are honored to be carrying their clothing pieces right through our site here at Relish New Orleans. We’re going to break down the different CP Shades items that we currently carry for you to consider, as well as further details that will give you an overall impression of this tailored brand. Let’s get started!

CP Shades Blouses

All CP Shades Blouses are known for the looseness, yet fitted form, that makes them flattering but also comfortable at the same time. They have managed to fit a lot of benefits into just one piece of clothing, which is why we’re going to look further at some of their specific blouses now.

The CP Shades Carine Blouse is a front button short sleeve blouse that features a vertical stripe of muted navy and off-purple, for a relaxed overall appearance. Whether you are heading outside for a concert, a casual day of shopping, or simply meeting up with friends for a cup of coffee, this breathable blouse will help make the day perfect. Made from 70% cotton and 30% silk, this blouse should be machine washed cold and hand-dried if you do not want it to shrink. It also features a tie front that gives the overall design a unique element not available in everyday apparel.

And then there is the highly popular CP Shades Georgia Blouse, which is available in a coral pink, classic grey and white vertical striped pattern, and baby blue solid color that is perfect for ocean photos. This is also a front button short sleeve blouse with a tie that makes it a fun summer piece for any woman. Made from 70% cotton and 30% silk, the shirt is highly breathable in nature, which means you will feel cool ventilation during those hot summer days. Layer it with a cardigan or blazer in the winter while still channeling your inner summer goddess year-round. Like all CP Shades clothing pieces, these blouses are made right in California.

CP Shades T-Shirts

What woman doesn’t need some laid-back, casual t-shirts every now and then? Especially a white t-shirt, which can be paired with everything from pajamas to a professional look, tucked into office pants and a blazer? That’s why CP Shades carries loose fitted, yet casually sexy t-shirts for you to shop today.

The CP Shades Gauze Elodie Tee is a simple and easy to wear linen and cotton top that is a loose fitted tee, perfect for all body types. Sure to become a staple in your wardrobe, this tee is made from 100% linen gauze, which means it won’t shrink in the dryer. Therefore, you can machine wash and dry this shirt, making it a convenient element in your wardrobe today.

If you’re looking for something a little more artistic, and even baggier in nature, then also consider the CP Shades Jess Shirt, which is a box cut white style shirt with a deep V in the front, open short sleeves, and a boxy mid-section design that makes it a sexy “off the shoulders” kind of a style. This is a perfect all day top for spring or summer, comfortably fitting you while you lay by the pool and sip on a glass of lemonade. Made from 100% linen gauze, it is recommended that you machine wash, and hand-dry, this casually alluring top every time you clean it.

CP Shades Jack Shirts

Jack Shirts are a staple in any mature woman’s wardrobe, adding an element of professionalism in the cuffed sleeve design that is a quintessential Americana piece. That’s why CP Shades carries a variety of jack shirts, starting with their classic CP Shades Jack Shirt design.

Available in grey and white vertical stripes, baby blue, coral pink, and a charcoal grey, Jack is the perfect top for work, play, home, coffee, and mulling about on a gorgeously sunny day. The oversized button down top can be worn as a cardigan if opened, or closed and tucked in for a more professional appearance. This shirt is 100% cotton with a button front closure, which means it is highly breathable and perfect for sensitive skin. The Jack Shirt comes with full length sleeves and 1-inch cuff, plus a single button closure, that makes it a respectable and stylishly elegant clothing piece. CP Shades recommends that you wash the shirt on cold and hang dry if you do not want it to shrink.

There is also the CP Shades Jack Gauze Shirt, which is a similar design, but made with 100% linen gauze. Available in beige, maroon, and white, this button front closure top also features full length sleeves with a 1-inch cuff, that should be washed on cold and hang dried as well. Loose fitted and naturally sexy, these shirts are a great staple for any kind of activity, anywhere you go. They also are perfect for travel, given the breathable nature of their design.

CP Shades Pants

CP Shades really channels that Hamptons Americana style in the creation of their trousers, which are loose fitted pants with a draw string top that will ensure a tight, yet casually alluring fit on any woman.

Their aptly named Hampton Pant, available in black, turquoise, and white, is a laid-back linen casual pant perfect for the spring and summer season. Thanks to the 100% midweight linen composition, as well as the lack of conformity in the pant design, these pants are perfect for hot summer days when you want to keep your legs out of the direct sunlight. Additionally, they come with two pockets for convenience and a drawstring top so you can tie the pants as loosely – or as tightly – as you prefer.

There is also the Riley Pant, which embodies a more masculine trouser look that can be an essential stylish piece for any daring wardrobe. Available in a singular denim color, the Riley Pant is a go-to pant for a day of festivals, shopping, and hangouts with friends, designed to be fitted, yet comfortable enough for a day full of activities. Equipped with an elastic waistband and tie detail, simply tie the pants as tightly as you want to give yourself a gorgeous waist. They also include a straight leg, cropped pant design, and front pockets so you can hold your wallet and phone on the go.

CP Shades Skirts

Lastly, we’re going to look at the ever-popular CP Shades Fanny Skirt, which is a care-free, flowing summer skirt staple that you are going to want for this summer season. Available in all black, peach and grey striped, and grey and white striped, this simple skirt cinches at your waist and flows freely as it cascades down your body. Designed to be lightweight and breezy, with a flattering seam detailed into the flared hem, this 100% linen skirt includes a flattering elastic waist that will make you look like a princess. Simply machine wash it after you wear it, and enjoy its effortless style over and over again.

CP Shades also makes Gauze dresses, tanks, and other styles of shirts that feature short, mid-length, and long-sleeves. They have curated an entire selection of wardrobe staples that can get you through the most hectic of weeks.

Relish New Orleans

Here at Relish New Orleans, we are proud to carry products from this American-made company, produced right in the rolling hills of gorgeous San Francisco. If you want to get your hands on CP Shades products, we are one of the few online retailers to carry the hand-made pieces from this growingly popular retailer. Check out the detail and quality of a CP Shades blouse through our platform today.


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