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Cool Side Table Styling Tips

Side tables have been for a long time used as a place for storing remotes and cups. What many homemakers don’t realize is that the side tables can be turned into stylish outfits and made to look pretty just as the bookshelves or the coffee tables. Here are a few tips on how you can use to infuse some style and elegance to your side tables:

Make good use of layers

Layering is the first step towards decorating any kind of space. When it comes to decorating side tables, try adding a short layer and a tall layer. These could be in the form of various tall and short objects such as a vase with fresh flowers and a small pile of books.

Statement lamp

Since lighting is important in the room, get a big statement lamp and position it strategically on the side table. It won’t just contribute to the illumination of the room but also act as art to the décor of the side table.

Beautiful Blooms

Flowers are known to bring that homey feeling to any kind of side table. Use a bunch of fresh flowers to add color and scent besides creating a seasonal change to the side table.

Use metals

Using metals such as silver, gold or copper will always work with any kind of décor you have in your rooms. For the side tables, metallic touches will work great especially if they have a mirror on the tabletop. But even in the absence of this, they will still create an awesome eye-catcher in your side tables.

House Plants

Having a green house plant will induce some refreshing change to your side table. In addition to this, green is also good for the air and welcoming to the eye.

Family pictures

It is not a rule of thumb that all pictures must be on the wall. You can have a printable photo or a cute family photo displayed on the side table as well.

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