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At Ever Ellis, their team believes that every single one of their products can be used for gifting. They believe that gifts are an expression of the love and adornment we have for one another, which means giving the perfect gift can carry a lot of weight with it. Incorporating a little bit of sass and a lot of originality, Ever Ellis places special emphasis on creating classy gifts that are universal in nature.

Created by retailers, for retailers, the team behind Ever Ellis is constantly thinking about new products that are going to fit a market demand and gap in the growing industry. Given the fast-paced nature of our world today, it’s hard to keep up with an industry that can change overnight, which is why their team is constantly researching the latest preferences and incorporating it into their product catalog.

Guaranteeing products that are always fun, trendy, and totally giftable, this one of a kind California company is one worth shopping this year.

Thankfully, we have a special partnership with them here at Relish New Orleans, which is why we want to share with you our specially curated selection.

Let’s get started.

Ever Ellis Drinking Glasses

Ever Ellis specializes in fun and feminine drinking glasses that are the perfect gestures for any special woman in your life. Thanks to the rise of Instagram and the importance of branding today, these glasses are a perfect way to show someone in your life that you are thinking about them constantly.

Let’s first look at the “I Just Want to Drink Wine and Love on My Dog” stemless wine glass. Made into a fun and hand-sized ovular drinking glass that goes with any occasion, the cute and quirky saying is printed onto the glass in gold writing for the ultimate princess presentation. Bring the glass outside, sip on it while you watch TV, or leave it next to your computer as you answer those late-night emails. We all know those dog lovers, and in fact, you might be one of them. Enjoy the gold writing as it pops against the transparent glass shape, creating a stemless wine glass you are going to love. Although there is writing on the glass, they are machine-safe and easier than ever to clean.

Next, there’s the “Because 9-Months Was a Long Time” stemless wine glass in the exact same shape in style. This time, the gold text makes a funny remark to pregnancy, in which women are not able to consume alcohol for the safety of the child. This is the perfect glass to gift to any new mom who is finally able to sit back and sip on a glass of vino for the first time in probably one year. With that fun gold print, this wine glass pairs well with any aesthetic, and is of course, machine washable. New moms barely have any time, which is why this glass present is such a good idea!

Lastly, there’s the “Training for a Marathon on Netflix” stemless wine glass that pays homage to all of us guilty of binging TV shows and movies on Netflix from time-to-time. What’s more comforting than coming home after a long week of work and sinking back into your couch while you enjoy some amazing TV for hours on end? You need a glass of wine in your hand, of course, which is why this transparent stemless wine glass has the classic Ever Ellis saying on it in that favorite gold writing. Simply pop it in the dishwasher when you’re all done.

Ever Ellis Champagne Flutes

Next, sometimes, champagne glasses are just essential for certain milestones and events in our lives that only happen once. When we get married, we want our bachelorette squad to have a memorable time, which is why they need champagne glasses that were made with them in mind.

Bride Squad Champagne Flute

Let’s look at the Bride Squad Champagne Flute, a 4-pack of champagne glasses with gold lettering that reads “Bride Squad.” Decorated in gold specks that make these champagne glasses look perfectly ready for any bonded party, enjoy the fun cursive writing that adds an element of classiness to your celebration. As the perfect glass for your girls to use while you get ready for your big day, these flutes measure 9.5-inches in height, by 2.5-inches in diameter. They are best hand-washed, and can be easily packed for transportation with proper care and support.

Of course, the bride needs a special champagne glass to toast in her honor, which is why Ever Ellis carries a singular Bride Champagne Flute that says “Bride” on the glass. Matching the other flute set with fun golden specks and polka dots, this singular glass is the perfect way for all brides to feel connected with their special tribe. Also 9.5-inches by 2.5-inches, it is best if this singular glass is hand-washed after usage.

Ever Ellis Wine Bags

When we show up at our best friend’s house, sometimes, a bottle of wine is just necessary. Whether it has been a long week, lover troubles, or anything in-between, nothing is more fun than drinking a glass of wine with the people that mean the most in your life. Ever Ellis understands this, which is why they make unique wine bags that safely conceal and carry all bottles of wine to and from their destinations.

I Only Joined a Mom's Group So I Wouldn't Have to Drink Alone Wine Bag

First, there is the “I Only Joined a Mom’s Group So I Wouldn’t Have to Drink Alone” wine bag, which is obviously meant for the moms of the world that need to sneak away from their kids every so often and just bond with other mothers. Sporting a hilarious title that makes this wine bag an incredibly popular product offered by Ever Ellis, the peach colored bag with a black and white striped base features the saying in capital gold letters, right on the front of the bag. With draw strings at the top that synch at the cork on the wine bottle, simply drop in your favorite glass of wine and pull the strings tightly, so the glass has a nice fabric covering to keep it concealed and safe from cracks. As a machine washable product, this canvas bag can be easily cleaned in case you spill some wine on it from time to time.

There is also the “I Go to Work So I Can Buy Enough Wine to Tolerate Going to Work” bag, which is hilariously something we can all relate to. This bag is perfect to use if you are attending any coworker event, or just venting over the toughness and sometimes terrible-ness of your current job. We can certainly all relate. Identical in design to the previous wine bag, simply grab your favorite red or white and enjoy some wine-related therapy.

Additional Ever Ellis Products

We carry a variety of products by this retailer, including the Happy Wife Happy Life tea towel. This kitchen wash towel is perfect for spills, messes, and tidying up, which is why there is an ironic and hilarious saying on the towel that will bring chuckles to guests, friends, and family. As a white colored base, the towel features three stripes of gray at one end, with the funny saying placed in the middle. Embroidered with care, the quirky line is presented in cursive, which makes this towel an easy, classy staple that will go with any kind of monotone or muted kitchen.

There is also the Listaholic Notebook Set, which is perfect for all the women out there who need a planner to keep their thoughts, wants, and dreams in line. This portable notebook set features a fun flamingo design on the cover, stating “Listaholic” right in the middle of the notebook for a few giggles. The set comes with a pen and a framed case that make it easy to keep all of the pieces together as you travel around with your personal planner.

Don’t forget about the Fat Cat Ceramic Trinket Tray, the 3-Month Pink Onesie “Reason We Are Late” baby staple, the “Don’t Kill My Vibe” Notebook Set, and the Bride Cosmetic Bag for any bride-to-be

Relish New Orleans

We want you to have access to the very best gifting products available to you today, which is why we are so happy to be offering a wide selection from the ever-respected Ever Ellis. Be sure to check out our wine glasses, notebooks, champagne flutes, and more that are definitely bridal staples for any kind of 2019 or 2020 celebration.

Ever Ellis is serious about their attention to detail, which will be noted in every product as you unwrap your latest orders. As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns!

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