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Known for combining Danish design and creativity with the infamous Nordic work ethic and obsession for perfection, Bloomingville is a home décor brand that you are never going to forget. Headquartered in Denmark, the company designs develops and sells a wide range of interior styles that are perfect for the modern home.

Working hard to create something for everyone, Bloomingville prides themselves on creating unique and versatile pieces that can change with any home preference as society’s fashion and beauty standards evolve from year to year.

Founded in 2000 by Betina Stampe, followed her dream and passion to create a personal home décor brand that was totally unique, yet purely European. Today, the company has grown into a renowned European brand with retailers and distributors worldwide. They are just now foraying into the U.S. market, still with the same commitment to reasonable prices, quality products, and the highest service level imaginable.

Naturally, we are very honored to be one of their first U.S. distributors here at Relish New Orleans, bringing you their artistic penchant for design that you just won’t find anywhere else. This is a team that takes minimal affection to the next level, which means their pieces are perfectly nuanced options that won’t “steal the show” or overpower your living spaces; quite the opposite. With Bloomingville in your home, you’ll start to really feel like it’s a pure and perfect home, just for you and your family.

If you’re ready to learn more about your shopping options through us here at Relish New Orleans, let’s break down our beautiful Bloomingville selection available to you.

Bloomingville Pillows

What home is complete without decorative pillows that can really elevate any chair, couch, or bed? There is something so classy about the muted presentation of a couch with monotone color coordination, complemented by a totally unique pillow layout that really gives the overall room an artistic layout.

18 inch Square Fabric Pillow with Rabbit

Let’s start with the 16-Inch Square Fabric Pillow with Bear. Using a modern, relaxed design style that makes the bear almost look like something out of a grade school art class, this black bear with a red sweater on is the easiest way to make your living room look like a location out of a modern décor magazine. As a throw pillow perfect for just about any room in the house, it can also be used for a child’s room to add some style to any slider. The pillow is made from 100% cotton, which means it is a hypoallergenic option if you or your family members have sensitive skin. At 16-inches in all four directions, lay back on this pillow, hug this pillow, or simply use the pillow for décor. Whatever tickles your fancy!

We also carry a slightly larger pillow, known as the 18-Inch Square Fabric Pillow with Rabbit. For those of you looking for something a little less rustic, this rabbit pillow option adds an element of urban appeal to any flat, apartment, or home today. Featuring a grey outlined rabbit standing up on an aqua blue skateboard, there is something so bold, yet so European about this pillow design. The rabbit is looking up cutely, dressed in a matching aqua blue scarf, as he looks off in the distance at something. Naturally, rabbits don’t normally skateboard, which is what makes this piece totally original. Plus, your kids are going to love it, simply due to the quirkiness of the design. Also made from 100% cotton, this throw pillow is slightly larger than its bear counterpart, measuring 18-inches in every direction. Place the pillow anywhere in your home and automatically transform the room into something new age and eye-catching.

Bloomingville Natural Baskets

Forget those ugly, hard plastic baskets, trash bins, and laundry bins from corporate giants, and consider the natural comfort and home-iness of baskets throughout your home. Baskets have been used for hundreds of years as staple items in any living quarters, which means their presence is going to make your humble abode much cozier.

Large Natural & White Baskets

Take the Large & Natural White Baskets series for example. With the classic tan-colored whicker basket appearance on the bottom of the basket, and a white lipped top that makes it a two-toned option, this seagress basket is soft, pliable, and durable, serving a variety of functions throughout the house. Use it as storage, place it in a room as a laundry bin, or use it to back up items and clothes for the beach. You can also throw books in them, other décor items presently not in use, or blankets for guests to grab as they relax in your living room.

Made from 100% seagrass, the colors woven into the baskets are completely natural, which means you don’t need to worry about synthetic dyes and chemicals harming you and your family. At 13-inches around by 15.25-inches high, this small, yet functional basket is going to become your new go-to picnic staple for spending quality time with your family, right in the backyard.

There is also the Large Natural Raffia & Banana Leaf Basket series, which is an inverted version of the basket described above. With a white basket portion as the base, followed by the tan design at the top, this raffia and banana leaves alternative pairs perfectly with our first option. Bunch two or three of them together in your home, mixing and matching their white and tan coloring to really add texture and variety to the vicinity. At 16-inches by 15.25-inches high, these baskets are slightly taller, which means they can accommodate more materials and packed items for larger families. Use them for adventures, park outings, and other outdoor endeavors that are perfect for the upcoming spring and summer seasons.

There is also the Seagrass Basket with Handles in a natural and rose color. Rose is all the rage right now, which is why adding this special pink to your home will easily transform it into a summer staple. Not to mention, it will make a perfect décor accessory in any girl’s or little child’s room. With rose as the bottom portion of the basket, followed by the classic whicker top, this basked comes with two handles, making it a portable dream come true for you and your family. At 13.75-inches round and 15.75-inches tall, this is another perfect beach basket that can contain blankets, drinks, and other beach staples. You can also leave it right in your home as a perfect storage unit for any kind of materials.

Lastly, don’t forget about the Seagrass Basket with Handles and the blue star design placed in the middle. As the opposite of our feminine rose colored basket, this is a more masculine option for little boy’s rooms, or rustic décor. Whicker colored from top to bottom, this basket also comes with handles for ultimate ease.

Bloomingville Rugs

Many new homes and apartments are equipped with hard-wood floors or tiling today, especially for those with allergies. That’s why Bloomingville makes a series of furry rugs that will provide some warmth and comfort to your feet throughout the house.

Blue Mongolian Lamb Fur

Check out the Mongolian Lamb Fur in Pink Rug, placed into a natural ovular shape that follows the original structure of the lamb. Dyed to be a rose color, this rug will go perfectly in any white-colored room or lightly decorated home. The Mongolian fur makes for the perfect accent on any chair, as well as a place to rest your feet, measuring at 35-inches long, by 20-inches in width. Incredibly versatile in design, use it everywhere from the kitchen, to the bathroom, to the chair in your bedroom.

We also carry the Natural Mongolian Lamb Fur, which is essentially the same thing as the previously mentioned rug, although this one is its natural white/off-white color. As the same dimensions, this is a more natural option for you to consider if dyed fur isn’t for you.
Lastly, don’t forget about our Blue Mongolian Lamb Fur option, as a dusty-blue rug addition for you to consider in a bold and creative living space.

Bloomingville Décor

We also carry a Wood House Shaped Display Box in Pastel Colors as the perfect wall décor item that will add patterns to any room. With solid colors of grey, blue, and pink, and a patterned yellow and grey striped box thrown in-between the monotone options, this pattern-filled daring interior décor staple is perfect for any child’s room. When installing into sheetrock, we recommend using wall anchors. The set measures at 48.74-inches long, 5.25-inches in width, and 16.25-inches high.

Whether you have newborn children, children maturing into their teen years, or a living space with no children at all, that’s what makes Bloomingville so special – their items are perfect for families and couples of all sizes and maturity.


If you’re interested in getting your hands on Danish perfection, we recommend shopping our Relish New Orleans Bloomingville collaboration today.

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