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This Canadian bath and body design company is known for making heirloom-inspired, finely crafted goods for the home today. Made by hand right in Montreal, Quebec, where their team works together to combine their feminine design trends and innovative ideas, Dot & Lil products reflect the beauty of tradition in every inch.

All Dot & Lil products are simple, effective, and uncomplicated, drawing on the power of simplicity in all of their design principles. They make everything anhydrous, which means that none of their products contain water in the finalized model. All of their products are made without preservatives, ultra-concentrated in final appearance to provide safer alternatives to other options available today.

Founded in 2008 by Anne Dardick, this passionate artisan wanted to introduce her commitment to handmade crafts with the world, combining design, fonts, and patterns mixed with vintage and floral overtones. Stating that she undoubtedly has a personal “bath addiction,” it was all of these interests that perfectly came together to create the Dot & Lil experience. Today, the Dot & Lil team is 7 strong, as they continuously expand their product offerings for consumers around the world.

Additionally, Dot & Lil makes a line of men’s goods, through their brother company Clark & James Grooming Co.

If you’re ready to see what French attention to precision is all about, then we invite you to check out our Relish New Orleans Dot & Lil collaboration, providing you with access to these handmade Canadian products, at no charge to you. Let’s get started.

Dot & Lil Bath Milks

This company is so committed to the vintage, that they release bath milks for all bathroom immersion. That’s right, forget the synthetic bath bombs everyone is buying today and consider the natural treatment and euphoric experience of pouring old-fashioned bath milk right into your steamy hot concoction.

Peony and Olive Leaf Milk Bath

Starting with the Rice Flower Bath Milk, packaged in a glass milk bottle with an adorable grey label, this milk formula produces a variety of frothy bubbles that will leave you sitting back in a blissful stupor. The bubble milk creates a moisturizing and luxurious bath surrounded by rich bubbling milk that is soft and hydrating on the skin. When it’s all done, as you emerge, you’ll notice your skin is softer and lightly scented with honeysuckle. Smell a little deeper and notice the sweet flower nectar notes and warm leaves underfoot that is fresh and airy in all the right ways. As Dot & Lil puts it: “this is not your typical floral scent.” The bottle contains 330 grams, or 11.06 ounces of bath milk powder, that is comprised of sodium bicarbonate, Iac powder, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, zea mays starch, and parfum. That makes this a totally safe and natural bathing option for you and your family today.

If floral isn’t your scent, there is also the White Tea & Ginger Bubble Bath Milk with their classic milk formula and of course, plenty of frothy bubbles. The bubble milk creates a luxurious bathing experience that will make your skin happier than ever. Also available in the same size as the product described above, this white tea and ginger combination produces a fresh ginger heart note with a warm tea base. As you smell it, notice a soft, almost woody scent with a touch of fresh ginger. Ginger has been proven to work as an immune-supportive property in our world today, which is why this milk powder is an excellent option for staying healthy.

Lastly, check out the Lavender & Bergamot Milk Bath, which ranks as the best-selling milk bath product by Dot & Lil today. As a milk powder combination with ground oatmeal and baking soda that softens the bath water, this super-rich and soothing formula turns the bath water a milky, white, and opaque color for a Cleopatra-liked bathing experience. As you emerge, notice a garden scent that is complex and bright, with citrus and tea notes from the bergamot and floral ingredients – of course, don’t forget the lavender, either. To achieve the lavender notes, a house essential oil blend is added to the milk powder before it is hand-bottled for distribution.

Dot & Lil Soaps

No bath and body company is complete without natural, original soaps. Therefore, Dot & Lil takes the creation and crafting of their soap incredibly seriously, which is why we’re going to look at some of our favorite options for you below.


The Rice Flower Soap, available in a milky white, pink, and green blend with the classic white and grey hand-designed Dot & Lil label, is a sweet and fresh soap bar with a hint of ozone. Not your typical floral scent, this light and delicate soap option comes with a base of creamy vanilla and coconut that will make it so delicious, you might mind your mouth drooling. Finely crafted used an all-vegetable oil and glycerin base, this soap is entirely vegan – meaning no animal byproducts were used in the making of its formula. Weighing 115 grams or 4.06 ounces, there is plenty of soap for you and your family to use. The soap is primarily made of vegetable oil, coconut oil, meadowfoam oil, oatmeal, parfum, and oxides.

There is also the White Tea & Ginger Soap, a beautifully three-layered soap presentation that features a milky yellow base, a white middle section, and a grey top for a totally unique color presentation that will add design to any bathroom. This soap contains a soothing, comforting blend of fresh ginger heart notes with a warm tea base. Sporting that classic woody scent with a touch of sparkling fresh ginger, this is a gender-neutral soap that many men will love for their morning showers. Also vegan and made with an all-vegetable oil base, add this soap to your soap basket in any room in your home.

Lastly, check out the Lavender and Hibiscus Soap that combines the power of lavender essential oil with a garden flower blend, for a vegan delight. This is a feminine scented soap that many young girls will love to use in their bathing routine.

Dot & Lil Candles

Nothing completes a relaxing bath more perfectly than a freshly lit and scented candle, perched perfectly over by the sink. Dot & Lil makes their own homemade candles for you to pair with their bath products, resting assured everything is completely all natural.

Lavender & Hibiscus Candle

The popular Lavender and Hibiscus Candle comes in a creamy pink color, wrapped in a glass candle case with a cute Dot & Lil label. As a finely hand-poured candle made with a wax blend of 100% pure soy and botanical oils, the Lavender and Hibiscus candle is complete with a cotton wick. Each candle is hand-poured into a glass jar with a white metal lid, at 7.2 ounces in size. The candle burns for 45-hours in total.

For a more unique scent, try out the Peony & Olive Leaf Candle, that perfectly encapsulates the perfect peony fragrance. After months of hard work to arrive at the right scented blend, enjoy the mixture of soft pink petals and elegant musk, topped off with lush fruit notes. It’s a clean and feminine spring scent with a hint of fresh green olives carried on a warm, Mediterranean breeze. Like all other Dot & Lil candles, this one is hand-poured as well, made with a vegan mixture for 45-hours of light.


Dot & Lil Body Oils

Lastly, Dot & Lil works hard to create proprietary body oil blends that provide soothing moisture, comfort, and healing to the skin on a daily basis.

Consider the Rice Flower Body Oil, a luxurious formula of coconut oil blended with avocado oil and rice bran oil. Used on damp skin after a shower or bath to continue the spa experience, the oil can even be safely added to the bath water while you are rejuvenating your skin. Packaged in a clear glass bottle, the Rice Flower blend comes with a sweet and fresh hint of ozone, plus notes of creamy vanilla and coconut. Taken from the Chinese Perfume Tree, essence of rice flowers is put into this body oil for an all-day-long glorious scent that will make you simply irresistible.

Don’t forget about the Rosehip Facial Serum, the White Tea & Ginger Body Oil, and the Bergamot Body Oil for you to add to your overall bath regime.

Relish New Orleans

Here at Relish New Orleans, we carry everything you need from Dot & Lil to curate the perfect bathing experience, right at home. Who said you had to leave and spend hundreds of dollars at a spa to feel totally relaxed and invigorated? Customize the bath routine that is right for you through our high quality Dot & Lil collection, available today.

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