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 If you’re ready to float away, asleep on a cloud, buried in blankets of wonder, then it’s time to learn more about our Bella Notte Linens collaboration and what we can offer you through this brand today. Bella Notte is known for their heirloom quality linens that are small batch cut, sewn, and dyed locally, creating couture bedding that just isn’t available anywhere else in the world right now.

Bella Notte Linens

Washable at home, yet unique in design, Bella Notte is accessible by the everyday shopper – although its quality will make you think it was made for royalty.

Founded by Kathleen McCoy in 1996 as a brand that was made for easy-care, and “slow luxury,” Bella Notte today believes that bedding should be easy to maintain, yet stunning in visual appearance. As McCoy puts it, “from design to manufacturing, we’re committed to creating the highest quality linens with the lowest impact that will be enjoyed for years to come.” The brand believes that there is artistry in expression, which comes from the nuanced, bohemian elements of your home that often fly under the radar. By layering collections and color, Bella Notte offers a variety of linens that will suit any personal preference or style.

Known for clean mitered edges and piping, ruffles, and lace, Bella Notte uses natural dyes and coloring to offer a variety of linen selections. The brand refrains from using harsh dyes or fabrics with chemical finishes, creating safe and healthy linens that are good for you and safe for your family. The results are unbelievably soft, preshrunk linens in a range of hues that will perfectly complement any home or apartment today. With a small-batch production mentality as well, the brand is able to measure the quality of the products at every level in manufacturing, which is something you just can’t find with big box distributors today.

These are “linens to spend your life in.” Therefore, we are so excited to be offering you a large and expansive shopping selection for those in need of new-and-improved linens. Through Bella Notte Linens, we are carrying only the very best for your beds. Trust us, once you try one of their linens, you won’t be able to buy any other linens ever again.
Although we carry dozens of options for you to peruse here at Relish New Orleans, we’re going to look at the most popular options presently.

Our Bella Notte Linens

Create the perfect summer look with custom-made, hand stitched, light, and airy linens, available exclusively through Bella Notte Linens. We carry everything from distinctive sheets and bedding, duvet covers, pillow shams, and curtains for a truly luxurious experience that will span the entirety of your living quarters. With 36 lavish fabrics and and 14 different colors created from their safe-dying process, there is a lot for you to shop through us here at Relish New Orleans.

Let’s look at some of our favorite selections below.

Bella Notte Coverlets

Let’s start with the Bella Notte Adele Coverlet. This inviting and irresistible damask is made from 100% cotton so you can count on breathable fabrics that keep you cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. This single layer edged in silk velvet coverlet is available in 2 sizes and 2 styles, including Queen and King, depending upon the size of the bed. You can also choose between a coverlet with a flange edge, or a coverlet with a Silk Velvet edge. That way, you can ensure the bedding will perfectly match the room of which it will be place, keeping your home aesthetic consistent.

And then there is the same kind of design, but with a Silk Velvet Edge. Available in Twin, Queen, and King, this coverlet comes in a teal, grey, and off-grey color that makes it a neutral and muted option for any kind of home. With the silk edge, consider this coverlet if you’re going for something a little more luxurious and romantic, especially if you are just moving into a new space with your significant other.

We have a variety of other options for you to consider through our platform today.

Bella Notte Duvet and Pillow Inserts

Moving on from the coverlets, duvets are the actual medium that makes or breaks the feel and comfort of a blanket. These down duvets are stuffed, trimmed, sewn, and filled to perfection, ensuring you enjoy the sleep of a lifetime every time you pull the blanket over yourself.

The classic Bella Notte Divine Down Insert is manufactured in the U.S. with premium white down inserts. It includes a 600 fill power, is hypoallergenic, making it an excellent option for people wit sensitive skin, and is covered in a luxurious 360 thread count Cotton Sateen shell. Available in Queen and King sizes, this duvet will seamlessly slip into any duvet cover and provide you and your guests with the sleep of a lifetime.

To match the luxuriousness of the duvet insert, you are going to need pillow inserts that get the job done with the same effortlessness and efficiency. As the perfect size to fill all the Deluxe Pillow Shames, these pillows measure 27 by 36 inches, and are 95% duck feather with 5% duck down. Covered in a 100% cotton cover, you can rest assured these pillow inserts are soft, soothing, and hypoallergenic for people with allergies or sensitive skin. Made in the U.S., order these pillows with your duvet inserts as a finalized set that will get your bed setup curated in no time.

Bella Notte Lumbar Pillow

We all like to sit up in bed, read the paper, watch some TV, or share our stories from the day with our significant other. That’s why any classy bed is not complete without a lumbar pillow, which also doubles as an excellent center visual piece for those looking in. Available in navy and grey-blue, the Bella Notte Linens Carmen Lumbar Pillow measures 16 by 36 inches, and is made from velvet with a 5/8-inch satin petite ruffle. Equipped with an insert, the pillow arrives perfectly fluffed and ready for presentation.

Consider pairing all of the beds in your house with matching Carman lumbar pillows that will provide a fun design continuity completely unique to you.

Bella Notte Personal Comforter

Although we have a duvet insert and duvet cover for the main sleeping arrangements, it’s always nice to have some personal comforters folded directly or diagonally on the bed. What’s better than grabbing this comforter, wrapping it around yourself, and heading down to the kitchen to make a hot cup of coffee? Not much! That’s why Bella Notte does such an amazing job of making soft and luxurious personal comforters you are going to love.

throw blankets

Their popular Bella Notte Linens Carmen Personal Comforter is available in blue-grey, black, navy and maroon, which means it can be easily transferred into a living room, or onto other beds, if you keep the color décor in your home consistent. This beautiful throw blanket will add additional texture, as well as color, to your personal den, making it a photo-worthy presentation. Measuring 50 by 91 inches, backed in silk velvet, the blanket is lightly padded and as soft as can be. When you get home from work, you’ll want to grab it and wrap yourself tightly to forget all of your worries and woes.

Bella Notte Pillow Shams

Why not take your pillow presentation to the next level with a silk pillow sham? It’s an easy way to upgrade the appearance of a bedroom, going above and beyond the simplistic nature of pillow cases. Bella Notte has a variety of pillow shams you are going to want to consider for your next bedding arrangement.

Be sure to check out the Delphine Pillow Sham, available in a light blue, as well as a dark teal, pairing well with whites, greys, and blacks. As part of the Delphine Collection, these shams feature textures of couture that take on two favorite fabrics to create subtle color play that is purely romantic. Each pillow sham is closed with silky Satin ties that make them something out of a luxury den. Sold individually without he inserts, the pillow shams come in three different sizes: Euro, Deluxe, and Royal.

Don’t forget the Frida Pillow Sham, available in white, peach, teal, and grey. This collection is a vintage-inspired and undeniably classic romantic old-world aesthetic that is trimmed with cotton lace edges and button closures. Also available in those same 3 sizes, buy each sham individually and mix and match as you prefer to decorate each bedroom design.

Bella Notte Sheets

Lastly, what bed is complete without the sheets – the very fabrics that hug and caress your body every night you lay down? We spend half of our lives laying in our beds, which means your body deserves the very best sheets you can provide it.

Check out the Bella Notte Linens Isabella Fitted Sheets, made of delicate rose bloom woven into Tencel for a beautiful, monochromatic jacquard print. The sheets come in 3 sizes, covering Queen, California King, and Eastern King.  These sheets are also available in off-white, grey, and teal, hand-made for glorious perfection. Trust us, you’ll know it the second you lay down.

There is another Isabella flat sheet pairing that you can consider, available in Queen and King sizes, only.

Don’t forget about the Bella Notte Fitted Sheets, made from 100% linen. These sheets are known to become softer with each wash, as the perfect all-season sheet thanks to the breathable fabric that is carefully combined for a luxurious finish. The linen fitted sheets have a 15-inch deep pocket in order to fit a range of mattress styles, so you can rest assured that they will work with any room. You will find these handsome sheets under the covers of any regal bedding, which is why they are available in Twin, Full, Queen, California King, and Eastern King.

All of the Bella Notte Linens are cut, dyed, and sewn to order, which means you can count on a detailed commitment that just isn’t available anywhere else today.

That’s not all this brand can do, remember! Bella Notte Linens also makes guest towels, a variety of pillow cases, special duvet covers, curtain panels, dust ruffles, and the list goes on.

Relish New Orleans

We carry multiple pages of Bella Notte Linens for you to peruse at your leisure. Equipped with descriptions and photos, you can know everything you want to know about these products before you add them to your home. We know how important a bedroom setting can be, especially for hosting guests and completing the feel of your home. That’s why we are very excited to be providing you with such expansive shopping access today.

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns!

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