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Founded in 1986 in Copenhagen, Part Two is an iconic Scandinavian design tradition that has been committed to unrefined beauty, grace, and quality since its inception. That year, the brand introduced a classic look for women to aspire to dress in comfortable clothing, reflecting an active and healthy lifestyle that was not heralded at the time.

Naturally, women everywhere fell in love with this kind of apparel line, which afforded the brand immediate success from the moment they appeared on the scene. Today, with more than 30 years of experience, Part Two continues to create high quality, timeless, yet modern collections of apparel that flatteringly cover every single consumer with effortless style and ease.

The team behind Part Two believes that good design is the result of great team work and a common passionate vision. That means every design and collection is meaningful, memorable, and made with care and precision that just can’t be obtained at any regular clothing company today. They believe that great design is about the perfect balance between look and feel, which is why Part Two is known for high quality fabric that was carefully chosen for each individual apparel piece.

As their motto puts it, “Being devoted to the new and staying loyal to the past.” Part Two studies every attention to detail in the curating of their apparel selection, while using sustainable products and investors that earn them the title of a green company.
Ready to see what we can offer you here at Relish New Orleans through our Part Two affiliation? Let’s get started.

Part Two Jeans & Pants

Every woman needs a pair of fitted pants and jeans hanging in her closet, effortlessly helping her to complete any casual style that can also be dressed up for work, or paired with heels for a night out on the town. Therefore, Part Two carries two distinct pant styles that are going to become essential go-to pieces in your wardrobe this year.

Check out the Manon I Jeans, a classic medium blue vintage jean that was made with soft denim to slim fit. With a slight flare out at the end of the jean to match the latest style today, these jeans come with five pockets, a matching copper button, belt loops, and a front zip, which means you can quickly grab these jeans, throw them on, and head out the door for the day ahead of you. In a full length design, these jeans are more from 99% cotton and 1% elastane. Therefore, be careful of shrinking them in the laundry. We recommend ordering a size up if you are afraid of this kind of sizing alteration.

As for those looking for a classic, professional black pant that is simply sexy on every woman, consider the Clea Pant. This suiting pants design is soft, yet fitted, with a smooth fabric that is able to stretch and show off any kind of body type. This regular fit, slim leg black pant design comes with side pockets, belt loops, and two faux back pockets, so you can easily carry around your essential items – especially if you plan to wear them to work. With a regular waist cinch, wear these pants with a blazer, t-shirt, blouse, or even a sexy top that you can take with you to concerts, shows, clubs, and more. These pants are made of 72% polyester, 22% viscose, and 6% elastane. It is recommended that you machine wash them sparingly, as the black coloring can fade with time.

Part Two Jackets & Blazers

Naturally, your jeans and dress pants need some matching jackets and blazers to really give them that modern twist. Part Two is known for their Scandinavian precision in the creation of their coats and jackets, which just might be their most popular purchases around right now.

The Kylie Blazer is a black, long-fitted blazer that lends itself to the “oversized” look trending today. Designed in a smooth and stretchy fabric with a relaxed fit, single button, plain front pockets, and a slit at the back for comfort, feast your eyes on detailed print lining that tells you this blazer is top quality. With a loose fit and casual structure, layer a fitted t-shirt, loose t-shirt, or short crop tops underneath it, with your Part Two jeans, to win affection from your nearest and farthest admirers. This blazer is made of 72% polyester, 22% viscose, and 6% elastane. It is recommended that you have it dry-cleaned after a few wears.

There’s also the Mackenna Jacket, which features a bold grey plaid design on another loose fitting jacket structure that gives you a very casual and naturally sexy appearance without trying too hard. Designed with the same classic smooth and stretchy fabric that makes this jacket/blazer so comfortable, the Mackennz Jacket features two buttons, front pockets, a slit at the back, and a jazzy light pink lining that adds something totally unique to this apparel design. Quickly throw the jacket on for spring and fall mornings, as well as layer it with outfits to look effortlessly gorgeous out and about. This jacket is also made of 72% polyester, 22% viscose, and 6% elastane.

Part Two Cardigans and Sweatshirts

As we mentioned above, this is a brand that places emphasis on comfort. Women shouldn’t have to suffer in their clothes to look desirable or sexy on a daily basis. Part Two is so good at this kind of design, that you will have to see their cardigans and sweatshirts for yourself.

The Maliva Cardigan is a perfectly fitted, soft cardigan design, available in light pink, as well as grey, that cinches at the wrists and waist to give you a form-fitted appearance. This cardigan comes with a feminine touch designed in a soft and stretchy alpaca blend, embodying their classic relaxed fit. Featuring detailed buttons, slightly puffy sleeves, and matching ribbing, unbutton the cardigan and use it as a cover-up for cold office settings, or breezing spring mornings. You can also button it up entirely and wear it as its own top thanks to the tight cinching of the waist. This cardigan is made of 56% alpaca, 42% polyamide, and 2% elastane, which means you definitely need to have this dry-cleaned.

There’s also the Magda Sweatshirt for those of us just looking to kick back and enjoy the day. Available in a dusty grey color, sporting an athleisure-style design that is so popular today, throw this sweatshirt on for the gym, at yoga, on a walk, shopping, or even layering with a skirt, some booties, and a cardigan. Laid back is “in” right now, which means you want to capitalize while you can. This soft, brushed jersey with a relaxed fit, long sleeves, slits at the hem, and a hood with matching drawstrings is going to be the sweatshirt you never knew you needed. Made from 82% viscose, 15% polyamide, and 4% elastane, easily wash this sweatshirt at home without fear of shrinking.

Part Two Dresses

Every woman’s closet is not complete without the addition of some casual, yet alluring dresses. We’re not talking about the uncomfortable cocktail dresses – we’re talking about the loose kinds of dresses that can actually be sexier due to their casual appearance.

Check out the Melva Dress, available in cheetah print today. Made with casual ease and effortless style, this dress is an airy design cut from a soft fabric with a loose fit, all-over leopard print, a single press button at the front, and matching slits at the bottom hem. Ending just above the knee, layer it with leggings, tights, or pants – even bicycle shorts. Wear it with loafers, or sneakers, or a heel depending upon your activities for the day, enjoying a loose fit that still makes you look perfect. This dress is 100% viscose, which means we recommend that you wash, yet hang dry it afterwards.

Don’t forget about the Marika Skirt, as well as the Itna Scarf, available through our platform today. Right now is a perfect time to get this colorfully striped scarf in preparation for fall 2019, available at a great rate. And if you need a summer skirt, this fitted and plaid designed option is going to pair perfectly with any neutral top.

Relish New Orleans

We work hard to identify brands that we feel you are going to love. Part Two is a European feat that we know every woman will appreciate, due to their effortless style that safeguards comfort in every seam. You’re a busy, on-the-go empowered lady, which is why you need clothing that is going to keep up with you and your endeavors.

Be sure to check out our full Part Two collection today, especially as summer looms on the horizon!

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