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Jayley Collection is a bold, daring cross-cultural fusion of styles, fashion accents, and creative design that just can’t be obtained anywhere else today. Known for their combination of eastern heritage and western desire, the Jayley Collection is a unique shopping selection of elegant apparel from fine furs, to exquisite devores. With silk dresses, decadent beachwear meant for Marrakesh, and accessories that will have you feeling like an Egyptian-Greek goddess, Jayley Collection is an apparel to consider if you want to be one-of-a-kind in any setting.

Every item in the Jayley Collection is produced from premium fabrics, like cashmere, silk, ethically-sourced furs, and leathers, making their collection extremely high quality. Their reputation has undoubtedly developed over the last 10-years through their commitment to accessibly, as well as luxury, with online shopping capabilities that make it possible for anyone to become an Eastern show-stopper.

Naturally, today, Jayley Collection has an international following thanks to their unique fusion-based vision. Known for their dynamic, multi-faceted range of collections, that also manage to safeguard individuality, timelessness, style, and affordability, we are excited to be showcasing our latest pieces derived directly from this heralded brand.

Especially with summer on the horizon, we invite you to check out the night-time, pool-time, and business professional pieces that we carry. With a Jayley Collection piece, you can rest assured no one else in the room is going to compare to your prowess and presence. We guarantee it.

Let’s look further at what we can offer you here through our Jayley Collection partnership.

Jayley Collection Silk Komonos

Thanks to the globalization of our world today, people in the U.S. can have access to authentic and silk-based kimonos that are going to make you look like an ancient princess. Using middle eastern silk to arrive at the most glorious and luxuriously soft final fabric blend, these cascading kimono designs are going to fall down your body, hugging you perfectly at the waist with Asian drawings and designs hugging their every inch.

Silk Devore Cape

The popular Silk Blend Kimono, available in grey and pink, is a see-through casual kimono that works as a shall, layered onto any outfit. With carefully detailed pink drawings and accents on the grey kimono, leave something to the imagination as you wear this piece with pride, twirling your way through the night. The pink kimono has the same design accents, but in white with a dark red waist-tie.

The kimono is designed to perfectly compliment any casual day, as well as an evening of entertaining. The designs are hand-embroidered into the fabric for a great look that is also durable. Made from 100% silk, it is not recommended that you put this piece in the washer or dryer. Hand wash and blot dry as needed.

For something a little more futuristic, this brand also creates a Silk Digital Print Kimono, which comes in a silver silk color, covered in printed flowers and leaves that look so realistic, you’re going to turn some heads. Opaque in nature, this kimono is long enough to be worn as a dress, with loose sleeves that make it a perfect item for the hot summer months. Available in silver, as well as black, the same pattern of pink and yellow flowers with long leaves and green stems graces the front and backside of each piece for a really gorgeous presence. This kimono is made of 70% silk and 30% polyester, which means you can only dry clean it to keep it preserved and protected.

Consider layering this piece with leggings, or even a heel, as it can work for an office setting, date, or casual everyday wear, paired with your favorite sandals.

Jayley Collection Leather Bags

We would be remiss if we didn’t carry some of the Jayley Collection accessory essentials, of which they have become so famous for in recent years. Their leather bag collection is something out of movie, which means you’re not going to want to pass up the accented detail that is hand-engraved into each and every work of art.

Their popular Leather Bag model features layers of leather, rounded at the end, on top of one another for a butterfly wing effect. Each layer features its own design, whether that has been etched into the leather, or finished off with gold jewels and crystals. Needless to say, there is more than enough texture in this kind of bag, finished with a big gold buckle that acts as the center piece of the butterfly. Made from 100% leather, this is a bag that won’t wear and tear – you can use it over and over again, resting assured that your personal belongings are kept properly organized and protected within the clutch.

And then there’s the Fur and Leather Bag, which takes extravagance to a whole new level. If you want people to notice you, then flaunt this bag wherever you go. Known for their big belt buckle closing piece, this black bag is covered with fur on either ends, making it a highly noticeable piece. As the black fur explodes out to either end, a carefully accented gold clasp with a buckle embedded therein brings the only thing together at the center, truly making this an item you might find in a museum someday. Made from leather underneath the fur, you can also rely on this purse to stand the test of time. However, we do not recommend you get it wet in the rain or the snow due to the delicate nature of the fur.

Lastly, there is the Fur Tote Bag, which is a large carrying bag that is entirely covered in brown and black fur. Made from leather with a simple leather handle that connects to the bag, the entire bag is covered in fur from seam to clasp. That means this is a one-of-a-kind high fashion accessory piece that will quickly elevate any outfit or style to the next level. Big enough to carry all of your essentials for the day, the leather structure of this bag is durably designed for many years of use and flaunting.

Jayley Collection Gloves

What countess is complete without her famed gloves? Although they might seem old fashioned, watch your presence transform before your very eyes when you choose to wear glorious gloves made just for you.

We carry the Coney & Faux Suede Gloves, available in a light pink color, as well as black. The glove portion is a svelte suede material that will hug your hands nicely while keeping them warm and isolated in winter months. At the end of the glove is a fun faux fur frill that gives them a feminine touch everyone will notice. As the perfect accessory to any outfit, both the pink and black glove tones are subtle enough to add versatility to just about every piece in your wardrobe.

Jayley Collection Jackets

Lastly, what closet is complete without power jackets? The kinds of jackets that are so expertly made, you simply look like you were meant to rule the world when you have one on. Jayley Collection specializes in this kind of jacket design, and they want to share this empowerment with you today.

We proudly carry the Suede Jacket, a long black jacket with a white collared top that is meant for spring and fall seasons. With no clasps, buttons, or ties, this is a high-fashion jacket that falls at your side while you showcase a paint suit, turtleneck, or fun outfit underneath. As the perfect complement to any casual day or evening of entertaining, this jacket can also be used for any professional outfit you plan to wear to work. Even wear it while you’re giving a presentation! Made from 100% suede, this jacket can only be dry-cleaned when you are ready to refresh its appearance.

Don’t forget about the Silk Decore Cape, which we also carry here at Relish New Orleans. This transparent and tassel-filled cape item drapes over any simple outfit, taking you and your presence to the next level – trust us.

Relish New Orleans

Here at Relish New Orleans, we are obsessed with providing you access to the very best available in the world of fashion today. Right through our online platform, we carefully curate a selection of only the top of the top. No other brand has mastered the fusion of eastern and western accents quite like Jayley Collection, which is why we are inviting you to delve deep and see what this kind of clothing can do for you. Transform your persona and give people something to think about today.

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