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Giorgia & Johns is a heralded Italian women’s clothing company today that celebrates the spontaneity, color, and joyousness of the warmer summer and spring months. That means right now is the time to add some dynamic pieces from this Italian line to your closet, benefitting from their attention to color, detail, and interactive patterns that light up any room or social gathering.

 Giorgia & Johns Dresses

Giorgia & Johns aims to tell the story of a woman with strong personality, glamorous style, and effortless presence. She is a woman who is aggressive and confident, yet never predictable, constantly keeping everyone on their toes. This woman is on the move between work communities, social gatherings, dates, friends, and avid traveling, making a commitment to timeless style no matter where she goes.

Giorgia & Johns set out to create a quality product that was gorgeous, yet functional design, able to keep up with this perfectly described and strong woman. Their pieces are known for being flexible, reliable, and personalized, helping every woman to feel good in the skin she’s in. Although they are functional in nature, you wouldn’t know it by the expensive look and feel of each custom tailored apparel selection.

Giorgia & Johns keeps up with the latest trends thanks to a production philosophy that makes speed its strength, constantly churning out new pieces right off of the Milan runway. As a result, the brand is synonymous with constant fashion evolution, taking part in releases before other brands have a chance to play catch up.

As the perfect fusion between modern and urban, we want you to explore the specially curated pieces we proudly carry here at Relish New Orleans. Who couldn’t use a little extra Italian flair in their everyday style today? That’s what we thought.

Let’s further explore what we can offer you through our bespoke collection today.

Giorgia & Johns Dresses

Giorgia & Johns is perhaps most well-known for their floral dresses, helping every woman to look effortlessly flawless, yet forbiddingly feminine. Made for every kind of woman, they take care to create different styled dresses with patterns that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest of buyers.

Starting with the Flowers and Stripe Dress, this interestingly paired piece takes the classic floral design in the top half of the dress, and combines it with a vertical white strip cascading down a grey skirt. Coming together in the middle with a big and bold white belt, this is the kind of dress you just can’t find in everyday department stores. Featuring grey and muted tones against a bright white palette, this dress is a great office staple, as well as a beautiful everyday summer dress you could wear to a family gathering or picnic. Also a sleeveless dress with a double button closure, you can show off your latest jewelry with a scoop-neck design that leaves room for short and tiny necklaces. The dress is 100% polyester, which means it won’t shrink in the wash – however, we recommend that you dry clean or hand clean a piece this spectacular. 

Moving onto a less prominent pattern design to the Lace Dress with Fabric Belt, featuring a popular coral pink and purple cover that remains constant throughout the entire dress. Cinched at the waist with a maroon bow that can be tied in any fashion, the overall shape of this dress will be flattering on any feminine body type. Additionally, this sleeveless double lace dress, V-neck design with contrasting trimmings, plus a fabric belt, makes it a totally one-of-a-kind design just not possible in any basic Macy’s style store. It’s an ideal staple for women who want to express a mix of elegance and sensuality at the same time. It’s also a great summer picnic date dress, made of 100% polyester in a fitted, yet breathable design.

Lastly, check out the Longdress Watercolor Line, which is a complete beach essential as an off-the-shoulder loose fitting dress that is completely sexy. Featuring horizontal lines of purple, peach, and pink, it’s hard to look bad in a dress this passionately made for the summer season. The longdress watercolor line makes it look like something Claude Monet would have painted and hung up in a French summer home, equipped with a Bardot neckline and bell sleeves, plus ruffles at the bottom.  There is a drawstring at the waist with a fabric pendant to create that perfect hourglass shape, no matter where you go.

There is also a jumper version of the dress with darker purple, red, and pink stripes for you to consider.

Giorgia & Johns Blouses

Next, Giorgia & Johns has a real penchant for creating loose fitting, yet professionally appealing blouses, made especially for the summer time with ergonomic breathability. Light colors, loose fitting, and appealing for any type of body, dress up jeans, dress pants, skirts, and more with these kinds of natural stunners.

Let’s start with the Blouse with Flora Gem Pins. This beautiful flair white blouse would go perfectly with any lightly washed pair of jeans, equipped with a bell sleeve and some ruffle detailing that makes it a great top accessory to a subtle and tight pant bottom. What makes it so unique is the flower pins embedded into the top right portion of the shirt, giving it that Giorgia & Johns extra piece of design that just can’t be replicated anywhere else.

Next, let’s look at the Sangallo Blouse, covered in elusive holes that make it the perfect hot summer day staple, while also giving off a little bit of a natural naughty appeal. Available in black or white, wear your favorite undershirt or tank underneath this shirt to fool the beholder, tricking them into wondering if you’re completely barren underneath. As a sleeveless sangollo lace top, perforated with round necklines and small ruffles at the armhole, this is an ideal highlight to the feminine waist, as well as an impeccable look overall. Also made of 100% cotton, this is the most breathable blouse you could consider for sweltering summer days.

Lastly, there is the Italian Blouse Fiorellini, which is perfect for the summer. Mesh and see-through, layer your favorite undershirt or tank beneath the blouse to really add depth to your outfit. The blouse is available in peach and navy blue, with a flower accent at the top left portion of the shirt that gives it an extra kick of personality. Made of 100% polyester, right in the Giorgia & Johns factories in Italy, you can count on pure attention to detail in every stitch.

Giorgia & Johns Jumpers

We’re proud to carry the most popular jumper carried by these Italian artists today. Jumpers have grown in popularity as an entire pant-and-top outfit already designed in one, making it easier for you to throw together a killer outfit that is also powerful at the same time.

That’s why we carry the Flowers and Line Jumper, completely covered in head-to-toe vertical grey stripes with a completely contrasting pattern of flowers along the upper left chest region. Brought together with a fabric black belt that perfectly cinches at the waist, this jumper is one of the most flattering pieces you could add to your wardrobe for this summer. Enjoy the plunging neckline at the front, the V-neck at the back, and the belt in contrast to the design with a double button for easy fastening. This jumper is made of 47% cotton, 31% silk, 5% Acetate, 4% Viscose, and 4% polyamide. Therefore, we recommend that you have it professionally dry cleaned.

Giorgia & Johns Tops

Lastly, you have to consider adding the dainty, yet empowering feminine series of Giorgia & Johns tops to your wardrobe, perfect for those summer nights when you want to let loose and turn heads.

We carry the Stripe and Lace Top, a vertical black and white striped blouse with subtle yellow accents next to each stripe. What makes this top so unique is the laced back that travels directly up the spine to the neck. Perfect for summertime, this top will surely be your go-to casual or dressed up, tank attire that you can pair with your favorite bottoms. It is made from 100% polyester; but due to the lace back, we do not recommend that you put it in the regular washer and dryer.

Relish New Orleans

As summer looms across the country, it’s time to clear out your closet, make way for summer dresses, and put the big and bulky winter coats away for the remainder of the year. It’s the best time to sit down and treat yourself to some new staple pieces that are going to make you feel like a radiant goddess by the time the summer sun cascades onto your skin.

Be sure to check out our specially selected Giorgia & Johns collection, available exclusively through our platform today.

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