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Adding custom furniture to your home decor is a wise investment that will create a beautiful style for years to come. The process can be intimidating, especially for those not familiar with the process. There are so many designs, fabrics and options to consider, while feeling overwhelmed. Follow this guide to navigating the custom furniture process, and you’ll enjoy wonderful furniture that was created just for you. Browse the entire collection from Moss Studio.  

How to Choose Custom Furniture and Furniture Ordering

  1. Start with the necessities - are you looking to add one or two new pieces or are you redecorating an entire room? Start simple, with the most prominent and important pieces that will dictate the look and feel of the other elements in the room.

  2. Stay away from trendy - if you have the means to completely redecorate every few years, then go with the trends by all means. The majority of shoppers can’t redo their home decor so often, and these custom furniture pieces are big purchases that need to last. Stick with designs and fabrics that will outlast the trend. You can easily change the look of a sofa with some throw pillows and a blanket as your mood changes.

  3. Measure twice - You know the old saying “measure twice, cut once.” This is especially true with custom furniture. Make sure you have measured your space and considered all shapes and sizes that will fit. Using your measuring tape and household objects, make a mock-up of the size to see how it will work. Things to consider: ceiling height, pathways, other furniture and practicality. Just because something fits, doesn’t always mean it’s right for the space.

  4. Make a plan - in the world of custom pieces, there can be long wait times involved. Fabric and accessories can be discontinued as well. Upgrades can get pricy quickly. Make a plan of your ideal piece of furniture with all the details. Now choose a few other options as Plan B and Plan C. Often times, there are very similar options, and you will be just as happy with the Beige Taupe as you would have been with the Taupey Beige. Having a plan with other options means you won’t have to keep going back and forth with the furniture maker while you spend time making more decisions.

One custom furniture brand we especially enjoy is Moss Studios. Based in California, this family-oriented business makes each piece by hand in their American studio. They are accommodating with custom pieces and able to offer many options thanks to their expertise. See some of their work in a recent design project here

Why Go With Custom Furniture?

There are so many other options on the market. Here’s why you should avoid the generic:

  1. Comfort

  2. Personal Style

  3. Material Choice

Learn more about one of Moss Studio’s classic modern sofas, the Alex Sofa, from At Home with Beth and Chad. You can read the article here

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