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Searching for a New Orleans Interior Design Experts, and you will be left struggling to decide which website to click.  If you are not great at searching for the right interior design expert, you will be left frustrated.

Phase 1: Planning your Interior Design Projects

The most difficult thing with working on an interior design project is planning. Use these four steps to help in the initial planning stage of any project.

  1. Identify the Scope of the Project

  2. Establish a Budget

  3. Realistic Timetable

  4. Master Plan for Future Phase Projects

Phase 2: Time & Budget

Phase 1 outlines some simple steps which to get you thinking and being realistic about your timeline and budget.  The budget of any project will help identify when you can make a purchase, hire additional service providers for minor renovations, and also help establish a timetable for the project to be complete.  

3 Tools for Project Budget and Time Planning

  1. Document All Cost

  2. Renovating- Get Realistic Timelines From Contractors

  3. Add 15% to all Estimate to Cover Unexpected Cost

Documenting expected cost based on estimate and pricing of a project is the most crucial part of an interior design project. When meeting with designers, they will expect to be provided with a working budget. This budget needs to be 15% less than the number you provide the designer.  This will give you some wiggle room when you are presented with a “must have” piece or accessory.  

Phase 3: Meeting & Approval

Phase 2 creates the working budget for you to meet with a design professional and prepare to hire and approve.  Taking the time to establish a working budget before meeting and hiring a professional seems backwards, it’s not. Taking the time to educate yourself about your design goals will make the process less stressful.  Interior design is expensive and worth all the time and money which is about to be invested.  

Interview Questions for Designer:

  1. Where do you find your inspiration?

  2. Favorite Color?

  3. What influences you the most?

  4. Favorite vacation spot?

While 3 of the four questions are very standard, the 4th question tells you about the person.  Is their favorite vacation spot a place where everyone goes? Do they find a unique and wonderful place to take an adventure and create memories that last a lifetime?  The designer that creates a vacation that you dream about is the designer to hire. Unusual as it may seem, this designer travels to find the greatest things life has to offer, and will do the same for your personal home.  

Houzz offers some insight into hiring an interior designer, consider reading this article.

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