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When it comes to decorating your living quarters, you probably want the very best for your humble abode. And why not? You certainly deserve it, which is why you deserve a company that creates luxury furniture pieces, made with durability, versatility, and variety in mind. That’s where Moss Studio comes into the picture.

Founded in 1989, Moss Studio has been a family owned and operated venture ever since their opening. On a mission to design the finest sublime pieces of furnishings, including bedding, accessories, case goods, and upholstery, Moss Studio is known for creating furniture that appeals to contemporary aesthetics. When it comes to the importance to detail and precision with interior staples, few things are more universally appealing than well-made and comfortable sofa pieces.

Making a commitment to creating casual, easygoing, and quietly elegant items that manage to branch divides and create something totally new and spectacular, Moss Studio is based in Burbank, California today. They seek inspiration from the communities that we serve, traveling to inspect different fashion and craftsman trends that are occurring around the country. By conceptualizing industry trends, the team successfully leverages a variety of distinct designs, textiles, and appearances in all of their finished offerings.

Giving a whole new meaning to artisan precision and framing in the world of furniture, welcome to the Moss Studio ecosystem. Here are Relish New Orleans, we are honored to be working with such a celebrated brand, which is why we want you to know more about what you can get from this American-made company today.
Let’s get started.

Moss Studio Sofas

Where else would we begin but with sofas, the very centerpiece of any living space? Sofas are where families, friends, and lovers rest their weary legs after a long day at work, running errands, and traveling. Sofas need to be expansive, yet attractive, and comfortable, yet supportive. That’s exactly what Moss Studio does with such excellence.

Ashton Sofa by Moss Studio

Let’s look at the Bel Air Sofa to start. Available in a tan-peach blended color that is completely uniform and monotone, this popular sofa product is made from high performance, high density, and hypoallergenic cloud nine foam. Available slipcovered with two skirt options, the coach measures 84 by 40 by 37-inches when measured up to the inside ridge. Since it is spacious, yet modest in nature, this couch is an excellent option for living rooms with not a lot of wiggle room. Additionally, due to the foam composition, this coach will bend and mold to the shape of your body so you can sit back and fall asleep the moment you turn on the TV.

There is also the Ava Sofa, which is a slightly more expensive counterpart due to the unique shaping and curve frame of this modern sofa staple. Available in that same tan-peach color, this expressive sofa looks like a piece of art, with a subtle frame that curves down into a dip in the middle of the couch. Also made in California, this couch is on the smaller side, which means it is a popular option for apartments and condos. The Ava Couch is available upholstered and made right here in the U.S.

There is also the Bailey Sofa, available in an off-white and grey toned color. This traditional sofa shape and design includes two large foam-based cushions and a backrest that makes its retro design something totally unique in your living space. The tufted cushions are made with the same hypoallergenic cloud nine foam that they love to use in their furniture pieces, which means this couch will form to your body for the ultimate, comfortable reclining position. The coach measure 84 by 34 by 32-inches.

Don’t forget the Ashton Sofa, the Cody Sofa, the Chelsea Sofa, the Darcy Sofa, and the Emma Sofa, which are also available on our site.

Moss Studio Chairs

After the sofa comes the comfortable living room chairs where the men of the house can recline back with their favorite chilled beer and the TV remote in their hands. Chairs are an easy way to fill in awkward spaces and add more seating in your home, especially if you host guests frequently.

There’s the Allen Chair, which matches the Allen Sofa, available on our website. Available in an off-white grey color, this chair includes their famous foam composition so you will feel totally relaxed and at ease. Measuring 34 by 44 by 42-inches in total, place the chair anywhere in your living or dining room, guest room, bedroom, and so forth. It’s an easy chair without any weird features that will make its integration seamless in all homes.

Allen Chair by Moss Studio

For something more extravagant, consider the Becca Chair, sporting curved edges and arm rests that make it look like something out of a French tea room. Available in an off-white color, this chair feels as comfortable as it looks. Simply sit down and drift off, with structural support that ensures it’s good for you and your back. The chair measures 35 by 35 by 36-inches in total, and is made right in the heart of California.

There is also the Benjy Chair for a modern twist, including a thin backboard, with a thick and prominent cushion that makes it a highly comfortable option. Available in off-white, this smaller chair measures 27 by 31 by 28-inches. Therefore, it is an excellent option for apartments and other smaller living spaces that still require chairs for a finished aesthetic appearance.

Lastly, if you really want something unique that is going to get people talking, consider the Birdcage Chair – which looks like a furniture piece right out of the movie Beetle Juice. This massively tall and almost gothic chair extends upwards immensely, with a lipped portion of the chair that extends forward so you can essentially sink back into the structure. Available in a dark grey color with prominent white stitching, this one of a kind furniture piece measures 35 by 36 by 65-inches in height. Yes, the chair is over 5-feet tall.

Don’t forget to check out the Debra Cahir, the Ella Chair, the Dahlia Chair, the Charlize Chair, and the James Chair through our website.

Moss Studio Loveseats

Sometimes, we desire the closeness and intimacy that is afforded by a loveseat. Other times, we want something that will fit into the unique dimensions of our living room, which is where a loveseat comes into the picture. Moss Studio makes a variety of loveseats that match their sofas and chairs, to ensure your home is fabric coordinated to your liking.

Let’s start with the Bel Air Loveseat, the matching counterpart to the Bel Air Sofa in an off-white, tan color. With large back support pillows and modest, almost hidden, arm rests, this loveseat can be moved and positioned according to your preference. Made with that same hypoallergenic foam that conforms to your body while keeping pet dander and other allergens at bay, this loveseat is perfect for two people, or one person if you intend to lay down and catch a cat nap.

There is also the Capri Loveseat, with comes with more prominent arm rests. Also meant for two people, this loveseat comes in an off-grey color with tan tints, making it an amazing modern option for rooms with crazy wallpapers and bright colors. This loveseat is a refined mix of classic and modern elements, made-to-order right in California. Consider the slipcover included element, plus two skirt options, that give you free design options when it comes to your space.

Lastly, check out the Chelsea Sofa, available in a dark grey that will complement blues, greens, and yellow perfectly. Embodying ultimate comfort and supreme style, this classically designed couch comes with a prominent frame that makes it look more like a mini-couch as opposed to a loveseat. Measuring 88 by 40 by 37-inches, this loveseat can comfortably sit up to three people snuggly if you are in need of space while hosting a get-together. Also obtaining their fan-favorite hypoallergenic foam as the cushion base, sit down and feel your body start to relax as these loveseats take to your every curve and form.

We also carry a variety of headboards, including a white full headboard, a blue full headboard, a maroon full headboard, and an off-white full headboard that provide you with different shapes and styles to meet the needs of your bedroom or guest rooms.

Relish New Orleans

We proudly contain over 3-pages of Moss Studio products right through our website, ensuring you can get your hands on this luxury furniture company anywhere in the country. We offer the largest shopping selection of any Moss Studio retailer, which is why we are so excited to be sharing this latest brand collaboration with you today.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team with any questions or concerns regarding future purchases. We want to be completely transparent with the products we are exclusively offering you today.

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