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Few artisans in the world are able to perfect the detailed precision that goes into the creation and distribution of a memorable candle. As something so integral to our history, candles have been used since the beginning of man to fill rooms with lights, guide the way, and relax our senses with a skillful combination of aromas, bottled together.

Kobo Candles, based out of Saratoga Springs, New York, has been doing just that since their founding in 2006. Owned by Junko Kobori, Kobo Candles is based on her southern Japanese heritage, where she and her husband, Louis, spent many years traveling. Embarking on a journey to see the entire world before settling in Upstate New York, the two made it their mission to wade into the most remote parts of the planet. Often out of touch with their families and friends back home for years at a time, as they returned and reunited with family, they shared their stores and experiences with listeners near and far.

They found that these photos could not do their travels justice, which is why Junko began to explore scent and how that carried such a memorable element to what she was trying to describe.  She found that fragrance is so overlooked in our society, which is why she wanted to create a profound sensory experience that could transport us back to a time long, long ago. The result was Kobo Candles.

Today, Kobo Candles is known for making completely soy candles, which means they are organic, vegan, and totally natural. The company is leveraging the most pristine ingredients afforded to us through Mother Nature for a safe and alluring fragrance immersion that can immediately whisk you out of mundane reality.

We are so excited to be partnering with this homemade company, which is why we are going to describe our two distinct Kobo Candle options available to you below.

Kobo Candles – Orange Amber

Our first Kobo Candle is the white colored orange amber scent, packaged in a glass candle holder with a svelte and minimalist label on the front. Packaged in paisley boxing with fun designs and accompanying matches, the candle comes with its own cover for you to use and bottle the scent as you see fit.

The candle itself is a citrus orange, woody-amber type of candle with top notes of green melon, ripe orange, and nuances of orange flowers, followed by a floral violet, lily of the valley body. If you smell it closely, you will notice strong amber-driftwood scents, with a white, musky base note. It’s a very woodsy, summer-time type of scent that you are going to want to have fill every room in your home and apartment as that summer set on the horizon.

The candle contains an 80-hour burn time, complete with an extinguishing lid so you don’t have to worry about any fire hazards or concerns. Enjoy the custom-designed box of wooden matches that will make you feel like you’re enjoying a relaxation of times past, before cellphones and constant interruptions. Made with a milky white candle base, it’s also an easy candle to pair with any design preferences or interior design in your living space.

Kobo Candles – Bamboo Mint

Naturally, this husband and wife duo had to create a scent that reminded them of their life together back in Japan. This was one of the first candles they made that helped them feel connected to their other home, which feels all-too-far away at times.

The Bamboo Mint candle comes in a brown glass candle base with a caramel colored candle mixture poured inside. Including an extinguishing lid, the candle is beautifully packaged in a Kobo Candle box, labeled to perfection with fun green and white colored accents.

Upon unboxing the pure soy candle, one can smell a fresh clean fragrance with watery, floral, and complex notes, blended with a modern bamboo heart and a strong minty accord. The fragrance dries down to an amber hyacinth and green apple base note. As you smell, notice hints of apple, mint, and bamboo all blended together for an Asian scent that is truly one-of-a-kind. This candle comes with a 100-hour burn time, as well as its own custom-designed box of wooden matches that look beautiful when placed next to the product. As an earthier mixture and presentation, this candle looks perfect in any kind of cabin or forest-surrounded structure where one can go to sit back and listen to the birds and critters of the forest.

Relish New Orleans

Here at Relish New Orleans, we are so proud to provide you with access to the future of candles, as these 100% soy candle products are perfect for consumers of every background. Containing both a white, summery candle, as well as a caramel, fall and winter-themed alternative, these candles will be the perfect finalized accents to any home missing an emotional touch and feel.

If you, too, are struck by wanderlust, consider the power of smell. Studies have shown it’s directly related to our memory recall and ability to assign emotions to places. That’s what you can find in the scents made by Kobo Candles.

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