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We love our city of New Orleans so much, that we have created a shopping tab that includes exclusive New Orleans gifts. After spending much time scouring the Internet and curating a collection made especially for you and your love of our city, we are proud to provide an expansive gifting selection that contains options for you, your friends, and your loved ones.

Share the joy and the love of our beloved city with the right kind of gifts, starting today.

Let’s dive deeper at what you can obtain through our Relish New Orleans site.

New Orleans Artwork

Always known as an artistic hub, home to jazz music, colorful storytelling, and French-inspired architecture that features bright pinks, blues, and yellows right on our streets, we would be remiss if we didn’t carry some original New Orleans artwork. That’s why you can count on our website to provide you with the perfect painted pictures.

New Orleans Cemetery 8x8 Artwork

Known for our history of voodoo, Halloween affiliations, vampire tales, and so forth, we carry a New Orleans Cemetery 8x8 Artwork painting. Made by a location artist measuring 8x8 in size, this black and white drawing features one of the most famous cemeteries in all of New Orleans, where witches and healers of our past are buried. It’s a realistic and sketched depiction of our city that makes for the perfect spooky gift for any Halloween lover or historian in your life.

We include a slightly larger painting as well, known as our New Orleans 10x15 Artwork, which is a similar 3D style black and white sketched drawing that features our most famous Catholic cathedral: Shotgun House. Our city has experienced a vibrant history of religious affiliation, as well as reconciliation, due to the cult-based spiritual practices that run rampant in the region. As a city rumored to be haunted, this is an excellent Catholic style drawing that will look amazing in any romantic setting or Victorian architectural feat. Like our other painting option, this drawing was made by a local New Orleans artist.

New Orleans Ornaments

Although Christmas comes but once per year, many people like to collect ornaments from their lives and share the memories with kids and grandkids. That’s why we’ve turned our original New Orleans drawings into shareable ornaments, which makes for a perfect holiday gift to anyone in your life. Small and compact in nature, these durable ornaments are available with the St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans skyline, New Orleans cemetery, and Shotgun House as centerpieces on each one. Similar in style, get all 4 ornaments and enjoy the historic appearance of these tree decorations coordinated throughout the Christmas display.

  New Orleans Tricentennial Ornaments- Limited Edition

As for those that enjoy collector’s items, we also include a New Orleans Tricentennial Ornaments collection. Each ornament is hand stitched using a combination of fabrics, beadwork, and metal threadwork, which is a technique that can be dated over 2,000 years.

All ornaments in the collection are sold separately, designed by local artist, Beth Harris. The flag ornament measures 5.25” by 3.25”; the Napoleon ornament measures 6” by 2.5”; and the Cathedral ornament measures 6” by 4.5”. There’s no better time to start a collection than today!

New Orleans Magnets

For those that might not share in the holiday cheer, magnets are a perfect collectible item that also serve a functionality in every home. We all need magnets to hold up our invitations, photos, and other memorabilia in our homes. That’s why we carry a variety of magnets for you to choose from.

New Orleans Skyline Magnet

Starting with the New Orleans Skyline Magnetic, we carry an ever-popular circular magnet that is completely white with black etched drawings and words on the front. As a busy magnet, you can see everything from jazz players, to the Mississippi River, to the Superdome mentioned on this tiny souvenir. Measuring just 2.75” by 1.75”, this magnet is covered with scratch and UV-resistant Mylar, so you can rest assured it’s totally durable. Also child-friendly, we are proud to say this magnet is made from 100% recycled paper. Best of all, it’s printed and assembled right here in the U.S., which means you will be contributing to local jobs with your purchase.

If you’re looking for something a little more colorful, we carry a New Orleans watercolor magnet in a square shape that includes all of the major landmarks with a pop of color. Made with the exact same sizing as the circular black and white version, this magnet is also assembled in the U.S. with 100% recycled paper. For the environmentally conscious people in your life, they will love to hear they are doing their part in saving the planet with this collectible item.

New Orleans Notecards and Notecard Sets

We all need to jot down events from time to time, using our notecards as intimate places where we keep our thoughts, tasks, job requirements, and so forth. There’s not a person in the world who doesn’t write down what he or she needs occasionally, which is why notecards and note sets are so important in our lives. Therefore, we carry both for you to consider as part of our gifting collection.

New Orleans Watercolor Single Notecard

Starting with the New Orleans Single Map Notecard, this is a perfect gifted notecard option in which you can relay any kind of personal information or thoughts to someone important in your life. Measuring A2 size, with a blank inside ready for your thoughts and intimate messages, this card is printed full color on soft white paper, equipped with a matching soft white envelope so it appears professional and neatly presented. This notecard is printed and assembled right in Georgia, made with local love for you. The front of the card includes a simple black sketched map drawing on New Orleans on a completely white paper card. The same print is available in a notecard set, so you can send more than one as needed.

There is also the New Orleans Single Notecard Watercolor option, which brings some color and fun into the classic New Orleans map. Also made with the same materials and dimensions as the previously mentioned card, this notecard is a perfect option for notes sent in the spring and summer season. There’s something so summery about the blues and the greens meshing together to bring you the illustrious reflection of the city of New Orleans. This notecard is also available in a set.

Lastly, don’t forget the New Orleans Skyline Notecard Set, equipped with 8 cards and 8 envelopes. Also available in A2 size, these notecards come with a blank interior, printed full color on soft white paper, and accompanying envelopes so you can easily seal them and mail them at a moment’s notice.

New Orleans Towels & Cushions

Lastly, we carry a few everyday home collector’s items, like a New Orleans Towel and Cushion that will really solidify your love and appreciation for the city of New Orleans.

Starting with our New Orleans Towels, we are providing a 100% cotton ring-spun yarn bath and dish towel that features the unique New Orleans map. Available in just black and white, take your pick of the different illustrations that all do an excellent job captivating the spirit and essence of the city. The towel is free of toxic dyes, is lint-free, and embodies an absorbent material, so you can use it anywhere in the home. Also kid-friendly, the towel measures 20” by 20” and is made right here in the U.S.

Don’t forget about the New Orleans Embroidered Skyline Cushion for night time snuggles and décor. Black in color, the skyline is embroidered in quality white yarn with yellow and red building accents that give it a high fashion feature you’ll love in your home. Made specifically for King sized beds, take a tour of New Orleans with this pillow that covers everything major in our French city. As a wool blend, enjoy the special historic landmarks, with a modern design, and whimsical touch of color that makes it a perfect city apartment staple. As a statement piece measuring 46” by 15” by 3”, it’s hard to ignore the creativity of this specially designed pillow anywhere you put it.

We also provide New Orleans Mugs, Wine Glasses, and Plaques as part of our gifting selection.

Relish New Orleans

We are constantly looking for new gifted items to add to our New Orleans gift selection just for you. We want people to be able to immerse themselves in the awe and wonder of this enchanting city, which starts with the very gifts designed and assembled right here. If you’re looking for a thoughtful present that communicates more than just a purchase, check out our New Orleans Themed Gifts selection today.

Also check out Chad Everett Harris blog to find more resources online about home and garden decor. 

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