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Proudly an innovative leader in the homeware industry today, Rosanna is the story of one woman and her passion for perfecting her dream company. Rosanna Bowles, President and Art Director of the company today, knows that tableware is what makes or breaks shared meals, festive gatherings, and happy moments with family and friends. First dreaming of founding the company back in 1982, she wasn’t going to let anything stop her. That’s why she launched Rosanna right out of her home in Seattle, Washington.

Today, her designs are inspired by the culture and art around us every day, incorporating everyday colors and patterns that will make your home that much more of a personal solace. Known for fresh collections with serious soul, Rosanna is the embodiment of timeless aesthetics that match both the spring and fall season mentality with each passing year. The company is so regarded for their innovation, that they have an entire section on their website dedicated to their awards and recognitions over the years.

Presented in beautiful packaging, which really strikes a statement with consumers, Rosanna is also an easy gifting option for those looking to impress the most important people in their lives.

As a result, we are so happy to be supporting an American-made entrepreneur and industry designer, helping to share her beautiful tableware products with as many interested consumers as possible. We are going to breakdown exactly what you can find through us regarding Rosanna as you potentially consider a full spring cleaning of your home in the coming months.

Rosanna Trays

Every woman, blossoming lady, and professional needs their very own Belle Boudoir Tray. As the perfect boudoir accessory, these tin trays can be used in a variety of ways both in the bedroom, as well as the bathroom. It’s important to keep your toiletries, cosmetics, and jewelry organized and ready for access at a moment’s notice. You never know when you are going to need them!

Chez Elle Tray Eye Lashes by Rosana

Looking first at the Belle Boudoir Tray, this fashionable tray features vintage ephemera from New York and Paris. As a one design tin tray, the porcelain gold accents really make it stand out in any setting. Measuring 9.75” by 6.5”, the tray is small enough to fit in any space, yet large enough to hold a bar of soap in the shower. Available with a classic gold and white design, the tray can be hand washed and dried whenever needed. Throw your earrings in it, use it for soap, place your rings down, or collect something like fake eyelashes, all inside this singular, durable, yet dainty cosmetic tray.

Speaking of eyelashes, Rosanna makes a Chez Elle Tray Eye Lashes, made specifically for your fake eye lashes. Featuring that same fun porcelain white coloring with gold accents that outline eyes and eyebrows, there is nothing cuter than this eyelash tray, waiting to carry your eyelashes in perfect and pristine condition.

Rosana Home Decor

There’s also the Jazz Age Nesting Tray Club, with two assorted designs in one gift box. Made with the usual porcelain and gold, the large tray is 8.5” by 6.5” and the small tray is 6.5” by 4”. A little decadence never hurt nobody, which is why you’ll want to whisk away to days of speakeasies and good company with cosmetic trays from this collection.

Lastly, don’t forget the Ladies Choice Tray Stripes, made with a favorite combo of pink and gold. As the perfect fusion of a rose colored masterpiece, this U.S. made tray is one of the most popular Rosanna products running right now. It’s especially perfect for bachelorette and bridal gifts, as this color combo will keep every bride-to-be happy and excited about her big day.

There is also the Ladies Choice Tray Nude, featuring a beautiful silhouette of a nude woman, in mid dance, painted in charcoal colors on a white tray. And then there’s the Ladies Choice Tray Nude Sitting, of a similar style, except with the model sitting and looking over her shoulder. Plus, there’s the Patio Party Tray Cote D’Zur, featuring a black and pink color scheme of three women from the 1920s in mid hip swing, wearing swimsuits.

Rosanna Dishes

Similar to the Rosanna trays, for something a little smaller, consider her dish collection, which is perfect for earrings, rings, hair ties, and other tiny necessities that we often lose as we complete our busy days. The popular Tray Chic Dish Bonjour is a tiny white with pink polka dot dish that says “bonjour” in rose gold writing right in the middle of the dish. Packaged in an adorable black and white striped box that just screams French elegance, this cheeky and decorative mini-tray is designed right here in the U.S. Measuring just 3.25” by 1”, you can place it on any dresser, boudoir, sink, or shelf. So tiny, in fact, that you can easily mix and match this item around your room, using it to organize all of your belongings for a satisfying and chic design appearance.

Rosanna Cosmetic Bags

For everything else that doesn’t fit into adorable trays and dishes, there are cosmetic bags. Where would we be without the bags that hold all of our blushes, mascaras, eyeliners, and so forth? These bags need to be able to travel from place to place, as they are for many of us, our life-lines. That’s why Rosanna creates such adorable cosmetic bags, made with you in mind.

Jet Setter Cosmetic Bag

The Jazz Age Cosmetic Bag Ooh La La is a completely black beauty bag with the fun French saying “Ooh La La” printed in gold right on the front of it. With a gold zipper and key chain that stand out against the black fabric, the cosmetic bag is in an ovular shape to fit all of your brushes without bending them. Measuring 7.5” by 5”, this durable cosmetic bag should be washed by hand to ensure the lining maintains its integrity after multiple uses. Simply throw the bag in any backpack, purse, or suitcase and ensure that you bring your entire makeup cabinet with you wherever you go.
For those not keen on black, Rosanna also carries a Jet Setter Cosmetic Bag, featuring an off-pink color covered in gold accents. With a fun gold connected pattern on top, the entire soothing appearance comes with a gold zipper, making this a perfection option for any girly girl or diva out there. As a canvas material, it is recommended that you hand wash this product, or else risk interrupting the fun golden pattern that has been laid on top as the finishing part. This cosmetic bag also measures 7.5” by 5”, which makes it an excellent traveling item that you can fit in any suitcase.

Rosanna Business Card Holder

Lastly, Rosanna is concerned with more than women’s cosmetic organizers. She knows you are a businesswoman, someone who collects names and owns the conference room. That’s why she produces adorable business card holders that help you maintain your femininity while also climbing up the professional ladder.

Glam Office Let's Chat Business Card Holder

The Glam Office Let’s Chat Business Card Holder is an old fashioned porcelain designed white business card holder, with a fun telephone painted in gold on the front, as well as the saying “Let’s chat.” It’s an easy way to spruce up your desk and overall professional setting while also telling the world that you mean business. Shipped in a fun dark Glam Office box, make big bucks in style with this singular gift card holder. Measuring 3.5” by 2” by 1.5”, it’s easy to nestle this product anywhere in your office setting. In fact, considering buying a few of them to stack around your office or workplace. Who said going corporate had to be boring? Rosanna would like to disagree.

Relish New Orleans

Here at Relish New Orleans, we work hard to curate the very best homeware, tableware, and accessories products for our consumers, exposing you to American-made and manufactured items you just can’t live without. Rosanna is an excellent example of what is possible if you put your dreams to the test and really get out there and pursue your passions. Over 3-decades later, and she is still redefining what it means to create quality, alluring, and always trending products.

We are proud to carry a variety of her makeup, beauty, and cosmetic tins, trays, and dishes, as well as cosmetic bags that are hypoallergenic and made for all beauty products. Although being a woman entails more regular upkeep than being a man, with products by Rosanna, you will never know the difference. Not to mention, they make excellent gifts for the women in your life, especially if anyone is getting married. Have fun shopping today!

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