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Sugarboo Designs’ name perfectly captures all that the brand has to offer: it’s sweet, adorable, and delicious in every capacity. Founded by Rebecca Puig, the principal artist behind the brand, Sugarboo Designs reflects a family business mentality, now co-run by both Rebecca and her husband, Rick. Founded in 2005, they have been growing the company ever since, capitalizing from the worldwide market now available through the internet.

For those interested in how the name Sugarboo came to be, Rebecca stated it’s a name that resulted from her children, Jack and Sophie. Fondly calling them sugarboo as they grew up, Rebecca knew the name was aptly fitting for her latest artistic venture. She says her children are the main inspirations for Sugarboo because she always wants to create products that remind her of the people she loves. 

Rebecca brings a Studio Art Degree to the table as the art print business founder, from the University of Georgia. She says her inspirations on a daily basis are her family, nature, animals, old things, and children’s folk art. She loves to juxtaposition the old and the new, the light and the dark, and the serious with the non-serious. Working hard to share her passions and artistic inclination with as many people as possible, Rebecca is hoping to share Sugarboo with interested consumers throughout the world.

As the Sugarboo manifesto states: we believe life is beauty full; we believe in supporting artisans near and far from us; we believe in daydream believers; we believe the world is our canvas; and we believe that kind words cost nothing. How amazing is that?

That’s why we so proudly partnered with this artistic design company to bring you a premiere selection of their prints, cards, and other accessories that they produce newly every single year. Although we only carry truth sets and art prints, we still feel as though our selection is a perfect reflection of what this brand can offer you and your family

Let’s look further at what you can find right here on Relish New Orleans.

Sugarboo Designs Truths Set

Sometimes, we all need a little motivation, encouragement, or just a simple saying that can help us start out the day on the right foot. It’s not always easy to wake up every single, positive, enthusiastic, and ready for whatever the day has in store. That’s why Sugarboo includes a 365-day product that provides you with a daily affirmation every single day.

 The Gathered Thoughts Collection

With the 365 Gathered Truths Set, you can enjoy a card every single day that reminds you of the positive in the world. Read the card every day you wake up, place it in your pocket, or tape it to your mirror for a constant reminder to appreciate the little things in life. Enjoy what you are doing for a living, smell the coffee, and give your spouse a kiss. This product is custom made to order, and features a weathered, off-white colored box, with grey tinted affirmation cards. Every single card is hand-made, which is why you will notice personal calligraphy that makes them artistic statements on their own. The cards are 10 by 4 by 4.5 inches, perfect for daily carrying. You can even give them to your kid or coworker if you feel they need a reminder. After the year is up, buy a new set and start it all over again! What could be better than that?


Sugarboo Designs Art Prints

The rest of of our Sugarboo collection includes art prints that you can hang in your home, gift to a special someone, or just keep for your own personal satisfaction and enjoyment.

Sugarboo Design

Starting with the Sugarboo Art Print Heart of Gold, this abstract print features a messy, paint dripping big golden heart, laid on top of a fun cream and blue pattern. The background pattern appears to represent navy blue circles that have a cream colored paint dripping down them, enough where they are partially covered, but you can still get a gist for the original pattern. Modern in nature, this print can be placed on top of a dresser, hung on the wall, framed, or used as a gift. The print measures 36 by 36 inches, and does not come with any framing materials. We recommend that you mount the print with wingit wall anchors, and place it somewhere in your home where it can really attract attention. It’s also an excellent accessory for office and workplace settings. 

Next, there is the Sugarboo Art Print My Sun, My Moon, a whimsical and other-worldly kind of art print that will soothe your soul to sleep as you drift off in a blissful stupor with your loved one. The print features the writing “you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars” in a silver paint that is messily scribbled in cursive. The background is a parchment color with gold stars, also hand painted. The entire appearance is a neater option than the heart-shaped predecessor, and also a perfect option for a children’s room or nursery. For someone in your life that means the sun and moon to you, this is the kind of print you will want to gift them. Measuring 36 by 36 inches, hardware is not included with the delivery of this print.

For the lovers of the world, there’s the Sugarboo Art Print Every Day I Love You Print. In big, bright red paint, this print boldly says, in all capital letters, “Every Day I Love You.” It’s an easy way to tell someone how important they are to you, stated right there out in the open. Behind the weathered text is the appearance of a white-ish wood, giving this print an overall appearance of making it through many years and seasons of love. Unlike the other two prints, this print is 12 by 12 inches, making it significantly smaller. Therefore, it’s an easier option if you want to sneak it into small spaces or use it as a smaller and more nuanced gesture. With a whimsical design and colors that make it the perfect piece of art for any girls’ room consider buying this print for the daughter, niece, or granddaughter in your life today. Although this print is on the smaller side, it is still recommended that you mount the print to the wall with wingit wall anchors.

Lastly, there is the elephant-themed print that is by far the most popular selling print by Sugarboo Designs. Looking at the Subarboo Art Print For My Darling, this abstract elephant drawn print features the saying “For My Darling” right on the front of it as the elephant, water-colored in grey on the left side of the print, leans into the center holding two pink flowers. It’s a gesture print that implies the elephant is gifting a present to his darling, which is exactly what you will be doing when you decide to give this to someone special in your life. Hand drawn and painted, the print is designed to look weathered in the background, almost as if it was painted onto wood. This is a smaller print as well, measuring 12 by 12 inches with hardware not included. Due to the adorableness of the elephant, it’s a gender neutral print that you can consider for both a little girl’s room, as well as a little boy’s room. For safety, mount the print with wingit wall anchors, or call in a professional to ensure you are not ruining the integrity of your walls.

These prints are excellent gifting options for any upcoming baby shower, christening, baptism, home-coming, moving-in celebration, and so forth. They are great for children’s birthdays up until ages 10 or 12 as well!

And as for the heart print and quote prints, these are gifts that you can give to any person in your life, no matter old they may be.


Relish New Orleans

Here at Relish New Orleans, we are proud to provide you with access to the most creative dreamers and thinkers in the world. It’s hard to dispute the natural appearance and enchanting display of Sugarboo products, which is why we felt they perfectly slipped into our selection for you today.

Whether you need daily affirmations or prints that are going to liven up any space while telling someone in your life how much they mean to you, that’s exactly what you can expect shopping Sugarboo Designs through us here at Relish New Orleans.

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