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CP Shades is a lesser-known brand with a strong legacy. Although you might not recognize the brand name itself, you’ve likely seen celebrities and California elites wearing the classic, handmade garments. This inspiring company launched more than 30 years ago in Sausalito, California and has stayed close to home, even as they continue to grow.

David Weinstein moved from New York to the California coast in the early 1970s and opened a handful of jeans stores. Shortly after opening, the founder began experimenting with dying garments by hand and fell in love with the ability to create unique colors. The name CP Shades was chosen to reflect the wide variety of dye hues or ‘shades’ that transform each swatch of pure white organic cotton or linen fabric.

Very early on, the founder experienced a quality control issue when outsourced garments were damaged in the dying process. To remedy the error, the company pulled back all of the defective clothing and made a lasting commitment to make every item by hand in-house. Today, the brand is still closely managed by president David Weinstein and his son Zach, who is the director of sales.

In an interview, David Weinstein said, “I make clothes in America for Americans. This country gives you the opportunity to do whatever you want to do.” Every piece of CP Shades Clothing is handmade in their San Francisco facility, which features a start-to-finish handmade process in a cutting room, dye house, and sewing tables. Unlike other established brands that have chosen to scale up production by outsourcing manufacturing, the brand has made a conscious choice to put quality first.

The brand motto is ‘What You See is What You Get.’ When you touch a CP Shades velvet top in a boutique, you can instantly see and feel the quality difference. Shopping CP Shades online is a worry-free experience because you know that every garment is crafted with the same level of care, attention, and commitment to quality. CP Shades t-shirts, pants, skirts, and dresses are made with heart and soul. Plus, CP Shades sale prices don’t fluctuate wildly because the garments are priced appropriately and thoughtfully.

The designer’s mission is to create timeless, casual clothing that fits the American lifestyle. Every design starts with a focus on fabric, so the sustainable textiles are carefully chosen by weight, texture, feel, and flow. Pockets and comfortable shapes are a must-have for every design and the classic fits have remained constant over the brand’s history.

Styles are released seasonally and always balance new concepts with a reverence for what’s already been done. Color is at the heart of the brand, whether that’s the timeless navy hue of CP Shades pants or heartwarming peach dye for a CP Shades Linen Shirt Dress. The brand founder and team of designers always ask their community for inspiration when experimenting with new designs, fabrics, and sustainable dyes. CP Shades has continued grow and evolve by creating classic, wearable clothing that meets the unique needs and wishes of their California audience.

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