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The media is beginning to shed light on the global problems and environmental impact of unethical and unsustainable clothing. For decades, the fashion industry has mass-produced garments in huge quantities and overlooked the consequences. Consumer interest in sustainable styles has blossomed over the past several years and many brands are making a conscious effort to repair the damage.

While many brands are undergoing big changes in response to public outcry, CP Shades is continuing to produce clothing like they always have! CP Shades clothing is responsibly made by hand in the United States with sustainable textiles and eco-friendly dyes. This unique California-based company has been a quiet leader in holistic apparel quality for more than 30 years.

Here are 8 reasons that you can feel good about shopping the next CP Shades sale:

  1. Renewable Energy. CP Shades pants, shirts, skirts, and dresses have always been produced with efficiency in mind, but the company has recently made the switch over to 100% renewable energy. The Sausalito offices and San Francisco factory are equipped with expansive rooftop solar panels that power the entire operation.
  2. No More Plastic. During the manufacturing process, many companies choose to use plastic bags for transport and organization, but not this brand. CP Shades t-shirts are carried into the dye house in reusable linen bags that hail back to a simpler time.
  3. Self-Proclaimed Hippie. In an interview, the founder David Weinstein was jokingly dubbed an ‘ex-hippie.’ He turned it around and said that he agreed with the hippie title, but he might not be an ex quite yet.
  4. Sustainable Fabrics. The CP Shades linen dress is a catalogue staple for a reason. Organic linen fabric is one of the most popular textiles in the brand’s collection because it’s soft, comfortable, breathable, and sustainable. The delicate fabric is made from flax seed fibers, which are exceptionally strong and absorbent.
  5. Dyed by Hand. Dyeing fabric is a specialized task and factory automation often results in excess water waste and environmental dye leakage. When you buy CP Shades online, you can shop with confidence. Every garment is carefully dyed by hand to achieve the most stunning colors with maximum control.
  6. Capsule Closet. Minimalistic shopping trends often encourage buyers to build a ‘capsule’ wardrobe filled with high-quality clothing that is versatile and timeless. CP Shades styles have been rooted in classic, casual trends since their launch in the late 1970s. The garments prioritize comfort and color above everything else, so you can easily mix and match styles for years to come.
  7. Made in the USA. For decades, CP Shades has proudly produced all of their clothing in-house with skilled American artisans working in the cutting room, dye house, and sewing tables. At the very beginning of the brand’s history, the founder was faced with a devastating quality control issue with imported dyed garments. After pulling the defective clothing from the shelves, CP Shades decided to never outsource beyond their American factory walls again.
  8. Handmade for the Masses. The CP Shades motto is ‘What You See is What You Get’ and the company is committed to mass-producing handmade garments. With a unique focus on quality at every step of the process, you can easily purchase handmade clothing through the convenience of a Relish’s online boutique.

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