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The term ‘capsule wardrobe’ is rooted in minimalist and sustainable clothing trends. Although the concept has recently gained traction and started trending in the past few years, it was actually coined by a London boutique owner in the 1970s. CP Shades has been a popular California-based brand for sustainable shoppers for more than 30 years. In fact, the company was founded around the same time as the capsule wardrobe concept.

This thoughtful shopping method promotes the value of investing in high-quality garments that last for years to come. By avoiding low-quality clothing, short-term trends, and uncomfortable fabrics, shoppers can build a small, cohesive capsule of wardrobe staples.

Here are 7 tips to help you stock your closet with high-quality pieces that you’ll absolutely love:

  1. Think Seasonal. Most capsule wardrobes are put together by season, so you can shop for must-have items to wear for the next three months. CP Shades clothing is released seasonally with new garment collections launched a few times each year. Time your capsule shopping schedule with the brand’s seasonal releases in exclusive California boutiques and online at Relish New Orleans.
  2. Embrace Color. Rich fabric dyes and colors add personality and interest to your small, thoughtful closet without limiting outfit options. CP Shades t-shirts and tops are available in a wide range of neutrals that easily mix and match with limitless combinations. Plus, every garment is hand-dyed in-house for impeccable color quality.
  3. Put Comfort First. A capsule wardrobe only works if you truly love wearing every piece that you have! This brand focuses on comfort, so it’s easy to build a casual wardrobe that thrives in real life. For example, the CP Shades Jasmine dress is made with the softest, most breathable gauze fabric for warm spring and summer days.
  4. Timeless Trends. Over the past 30 years, many of the iconic CP Shades styles and fits have remained relatively unchanged. According to an interview with the brand’s founder, CP Shades gets creative with color, but they’re happy to leave necklines, hem lengths, and silhouettes virtually untouched. Look for classic styles to build a timeless capsule wardrobe that isn’t dictated by short-term trends.
  5. Sustainable Fabrics. Conscious capsule shoppers also have the power to shape the industry by shopping for sustainable garments. CP Shades pants, like all of their designs, are handmade in Northern California with sustainable fabrics and natural dyes. As a minimalist, make sure that your thoughtful purchases are also good for the environment. 
  6. Simple Staples. There are some things in life that never go out of style, like a crisp white tunic. The CP Shades Regina dress is a timeless staple that can easily be dressed up or down. Make sure to invest in versatile garment styles that look just as good on the beach as they do at a classy evening event.
  7. Flattering Fits. With a smaller wardrobe, you have to make sure that each item looks flattering in virtually every combination. The CP Shades Carine Blouse, for example, features an elongated back hem, so you can easily pair the top with jeans or leggings and still have modest coverage. Of course, the extra length also allows

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