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Spring is finally here, which means your urge to redecorate, freshen up your home or apartment, and introduce new, fun designs that are full of pastels, whites, and neutrals is probably in full swing. Spring cleaning is a term for a reason – we all get itching to dump out the old, and bring in the new, as the sun starts to set later, and the afternoon breezes get warmer.

If you’re thinking about a new kind of home décor and accessory company that is synonymous with spring and new beginnings, look no further than Mathilde M – a classic Parisian design company that now runs Mathilde M USA.

What is Mathilde M, and why should you get to know this company?

Mathilde M

For years, Mathilde M has made a name for themselves as an elegant, charming, versatile, and timeless home décor company that supplies materials, accessories, and accents to anyone wishing to leverage chic style. Based on 18th century France heritage of castles, residences, obsessions with beauty, and handmade dedication to craftsmanship, Mathilde M wields that “forgotten” time of precision to detail when companies couldn’t use mass-made machinery and supply chains anymore. The result is a bespoke and dedicated company making headlines today.

Mathilde M Room Fragrance Extract in Lys Majestueux

From fragrances and decoration, to furniture pieces, each item is designed with a romantic French perspective, which means there is a softness and lightness that accompanies each product from Mathilde M. All Mathilde M USA and Paris perfumes are made with Master Perfumers in Southern France, known for richly complex blends that starkly identify the elegant person bold enough to wear their scent.

Carefully integrating a little piece of France in every product, it’s that kind of illustrious attention to detail that has come to define Mathilde M Home Décor today.

Our Mathilde M Collection

We’ve taken time to carefully research and vet this Parisian design company, which is why we are excited to be offering a plethora of their home décor and perfume lines for you to seamlessly order, anytime, anywhere. If you’re ready to make your scent, home design, and aesthetic more originally enchanting, drawing on the beauty standards that only the French know how to curate, then we are inviting you to check out our latest Mathilde M USA collection.

Let’s look at the different kinds of product offerings available to you today.

Mathilde M Fragrance & Diffusers

From the Mathilde M Room Refill Diffuser to the Mathilde M Home Fragrance Spray Fleur de Cotton, you have a variety of scented options to consider from this Parisian company. We carry Cotton Room Diffusers, Home Fragrance Diffusers, and the Room Fragrance Extract in Marquise.

The Mathilde M Home Fragrance Diffuser 500mL comes with a range of sophisticated fragrances and tasty notes of jasmine and vanilla, packaged in a smoky grey glass bottle, accented with a ceramic flower that embodies the Marquise scent. Simply place the diffuser in any room, bedroom, or office setting, and allow it to waft the naturally alluring aromas around the perimeter of the room to provide a fresh and vibrant scene. The diffusers can be packaged and brought with you anywhere you go, making them an especially valuable travel accessory when you are staying in new and foreign locations.

Additionally, the Mathilde M Home Linen Spray Fleur de Cotton 75mL allows you to take a bottle of this scent and spray it into your linens and pillows so your home can feel as fresh and clean as a brand new hotel room. Embodying the highest possible percentage of pure fragrance that was made with the most pristine elements from mother nature, this misting bottle can be sprayed into the air, curtains, or even on your clothes if you’re looking to take a little bit of Paris with you throughout the day.

As you use your diffuser, you can also purchase the Mathilde M Bag of Rattan Sticks that you place inside the diffuser, ensuring you have a constant and steady supply of this award-winning fragrance whenever you require it.

Concentrated purely in Bottle Droppers, capturing the essence of each Mathilde M fragrance in just one drop, you can also consider these tiny olfactory treats that can fit in the smallest of pursues. Simply administer just one drop onto your wrist in the morning, rubbing it in and around your neck, ensuring you smell like French royalty for the entire day.

Notorious for their commitment to hospitality, the French take bathroom accessories and etiquette seriously. Let’s look further below.

Mathilde M Soaps, Gifts & Candles

Obviously, Mathilde M wasn’t going to just stop with a fragrance and diffuser line. Their scents are too valuable and unique, which is why they launched a bathroom accessory section that includes everything from soaps and gifts, to candles. The collection includes the Mathilde M Ceramic Hanging Cherub in Poudre de riz, the Mathilde M Rose Elegant Soap, the Mathilde M Marquise Rose Bustier Guest Soap, the Lys Majestueux Mathilde M. Scented Candle, the Mathilde M Gift Set Scented Candle, and the list goes on.

Mathilde M Gift Set Scented Candle

If you’re tasked with providing a thoughtful, yet elegant gift to someone special in your life, consider the scented candle gift set with a special Mathilde M formula candle that burns for 15-hours total. The candle is placed in a stylish frosted glass with a piece of jewelry included, packaged into the quintessential Mathilde M Paris design that makes it an immediately welcome sight to the recipient.

As for the collectors, Mathilde M has something special for you. Their collection soap package includes three of their favorite scents, Marquise, Fleur de Cotton, and Poudre de riz, embodied in each and every luxurious soap bar. The individually wrapped soaps are used by 5-star hotels worldwide due to the special attention to detail and unmistakable fragrance that makes them a pure treat.

There are plenty of other elegant candles, soap, and gift sets provided by Mathilde M, as they understand that gifting is one of the most intimate things we can do for those that we love in our lives.

Mathilde M Home Décor

Lastly, we are going to review the home décor accessories and add-ons that Mathilde M now carries today. As skilled interior designers and visionaries themselves, they’re adding a clever and creative flair that makes for fun gifts and design ideas for any home or apartment setting.

If you have a nursery, children’s room, or any kind of room that is meant for children and babies, Mathilde M carries a Scented Teddy Bear and a Teddy Bear with Doudou already integrated into the fabric. These adorable white and silver, simple teddy bears will secretly keep the room smelling delightful, while also adding an essence of innocence that is perfect in any child’s nursery.

As for all curtains, duvet covers, and other kinds of covering fabrics, Mathilde M carries tassels in chic ivory colors, infused with their Marquise scent. Simply attach the tassels to the materials in your home, or even find a way to craftily hang them at your vanity or somewhere else in your humble abode.

Mathilde M gets creative as well, with a collection of interior perfumes engraved into gift set, paying homage to the “Sun King.” These scented decors, white in color and hang-able with an attached string, are meant to hang from doors, windows, and on the walls of homes, as they make for a clever interior design element that while brighten up any vicinity while also emitting the classic Mathilde M scent we all know and love. In their 3-part set, the objects include a lily and jasmine scent, a cardamom scent, and a cedar and white musk scent.

Lastly, don’t forget about their Mathilde M Scented Tablet, which appears as a white chocolate bar, perfectly stores away in boudoirs, dressers, nightstands, and more. The scented tablet breaks apart into smaller pieces that make it easy for you to store them in drawers and other hard-to-reach places where mildew and unwanted scents can form over time. This way, you can control the freshness of scent everywhere in your home, leveraging the discreet elegance of Mathilde M USA.

French Quality, Guaranteed

Everyone wants their living quarters to smeller newer, nicer, and fresher on a daily basis. Since we are busy individuals, we don’t always have time to wipe everything down and clean every inch of our furniture on a weekly basis. Therefore, it’s worth considering the olfactory support that comes through every single clever, gorgeous, and refined product produced by Mathilde M. From candles and fragrance bottles to soaps, fragrance bars, and teddy bears, the sky is the limit when you shop the versatile products native to these Parisian veterans.

As spring wafts through your open windows and doors, bottle up that kind of natural scent within your home through our Mathilde M Home Décor selection today.
Please do not hesitate to reach out with any further questions! Stay tuned as we add more products to our site in the coming months.

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