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As a company founded by women, made for women, the O-Venture is a creative key ring and accessory entity designed to make women’s lives a little easier today. With their motto “carry only what you need” at the center of the company culture, the O-Venture believes that we can shed the baggage and blossom into our full potential with a little support from high quality, beautifully created, and fun key rings, ID cases, and bracelet bags.

Fifty Shades of Lizard Big O Key Ring

O-Venture believes women’s hands are full of responsibilities that can prevent them from being all they were meant to be. That’s where the O-Team comes into play. We are proud to carry their products, available to you and your hectic schedule today.

Here’s the kind of products you can expect from industry veterans below.

O-Venture Key Rings

Each O-Venture Key Ring is 4-inches in diameter, easily slipping over any wrist and up the arm for a truly hands-free experience that will provide every woman with more flexibility over her schedule today. The Key Rings come with a signature clasp that enables quick removal, plus a scratch resistant silicone or leather material that guarantees O-mazing durability over-time.

O-Venture Key Ring styles include the gOld confetti silicOne Big O Key Ring, rOse gOld confetti silicOne, Quick Silver COoc, GOld Rush, TuxedO Snakeskin, Cheetah, GOld Rush Marble SilicOne, and the list goes on. All styles and colors match industry fashion trends, ensuring every woman is up-to-par with her outward appearance.

O-Venture is the first company to consider this kind of seamless design that was made with both beauty and functional versatility in mind.

Ossential ID Cases

Sometimes, we want to only carry the essentials. Shed the big bag, backpack, and large purse for a simple ID case that contains everything you could ever need: an ID, credit cards, and cash.

Rose Gold Ossential Card Case

O-Venture ID Cases features two clear windows, one in the interior and exterior of the case, as well as an interior pocket to contain all of your pertinent essentials. At 4 by 2.75 inches, with a snap closure for easy access, all Ossential ID Cases comes with high-quality fabric for durability and a fun interior design that will make you smile every time you go to reach for a card or ID.

Big O Bracelet Bag

If you’re tired of holding a clutch in your hand, completely preventing you from using both hands when needed, then the Big O Bracelet Bag, with the signature O clasp, will hang from your arm easily while you mingle, socialize, and network your way to the top.

The stylish Big O Bracelet Bag fits money, cell phones, keys, and a wallet, measuring 5.75 by 8.25 inches. Made from genuine leather, all Bracelet Bags are resistant to scratches and wear-and-tear.

Big O = Big Fun

Are you ready to OWN your life? Say goodbye to heavy purses that inhibit your pOtential? The consider shopping our O-Venture products here at Relish New Orleans today.

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